How much is social media doing for your corporate branding efforts? If you are able to answer this question specifically, then you’re probably testing and measuring your social media’s effectiveness using analytic tools. If you’re not able to answer this question, please read on.

To learn which social media posts are engaging the largest number of people, use your social media pages’ analytics. On Facebook, for instance, you can go into the admin panel and choose the “insights” option. There, you’ll see the analytics for every post you’ve made. Use this information to determine what types of posts, types of content – as well as what times of day – have made the biggest impact on your audience. Use this information to shape the flavour and timing of your future status updates, video uploads, photo uploads…whatever you use to build and sustain your corporate branding.


A Corporate Branding Strategy that Uses Google Analytics

To judge the effectiveness of social media for driving traffic to your website, we suggest applying Google Analytics to your website. It takes about one month for the numbers to show, but the analysing has taken place, you’ll learn how much of your website traffic comes from social media, news feeds, search engines, direct URL, email, and referrals. It will even tell you how much traffic is coming from each social media channel – a great tool in determining where your corporate branding time is best spent, as well as pinpointing those areas that could use more of your corporate branding attention.

Google Analytics will also tell you how different geographical areas are responding to your corporate branding efforts. Traffic from each region is tracked. You can use this information to determine which geographical areas on which to concentrate – whether that means boosting efforts for those that are lagging or focussing on those that show the most interest.

Use Google Analytics to determine which days and times bring the heaviest flood of visitors. Then determine why. Were they responding to an email campaign? Or a certain social media status update? Or to a particular blog post? Or did an influx occur with the implementation of new keywords and SEO tactics? No matter the reason, do your research so that you may identify it and use it to the advantage of your future corporate branding efforts.

Want to know how much time visitors are spending on your website? Google Analytics provides that information, too. Study this information after you make changes to your website or to your social media corporate branding strategy to determine what efforts are the most effective at holding the attention of your audience.

There’s so much to learn about social media marketing and how it promotes and supports an effective corporate branding effort. Each social media channel makes a unique contribution, and every corporate branding strategy is distinctive. To learn more about designing your very own corporate branding identity or to maximise your social media efforts, email [email protected] or connect with How to Build a Brand on Facebook.

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