What’s the best way to determine if your brand marketing strategy is effective? Test it. Look at real data. Let the numbers speak, and use what they say to build on areas of promise and to either improve or move away from areas of struggle. This is how a successful brand marketing strategy is formulated.


Tighten up your Brand Marketing Strategy with Analytics

The first step in building a better brand marketing strategy with analytics is gaining a basic understanding of some analytics terminology. A web analytics platform like Google Analytics will provide the following types of stats, among others:

  • Bounce Rate: The bounce rate tells you how many visitors to your website are leaving soon after arriving, without navigating through your site’s pages. The lower the bounce rate, the better job you’re doing of keeping visitors’ attention with simple navigation and relevant content.
  • Conversion Rate: This stat is indicative of the number of visitors to your website that turn into customers (i.e. they sign up or make a purchase). From this data, you will be able to determine which webpages are most effective for conversion.
  • New Visitors: These are those people who have never visited your website before (IP addresses that are new to your URL). This stat is useful when determining the new reach of any campaign in your brand marketing strategy.
  • Repeat Visitors: People who frequent your website are the most likely to sign up or make a purchase (convert); therefore, a rising repeat visitor rate is a good thing. Boost this by adding fresh content, which equates to plenty of reasons to return.
  • Unique Visitors: This differs from Repeat Visitors in that each IP address is only counted once, no matter how many times the website is visited. Time periods can be specified, in order to tailor results.
  • Page Popularity: With this one, you will learn which webpages get the most visitors – and are therefore primed to be your money-makers.
  • Referring URLs: Part of any good SEO campaign is acquiring inbound links that lead from reputable websites to yours. This piece of analytics will tell you which ones are working best, so you can build on those (and that niche).
  • Traffic Sources: Similar to the previous point, traffic source stats tell you where visitors are coming from. This data can be used to establish new inbound links and to gain clues into your ideal clients’ behaviour.

Of course, there is lots more information provided by analytics platforms, but these are some popular categories for building web traffic.

Now, in an attempt to put some of these stats to use, let’s look at a few brand marketing strategy scenarios:

  • To increase your attraction of new clients, track the progress of New Visitors as you make adjustments to the brand awareness portion of your brand marketing strategy.
  • If you’re hoping to convey the value proposition of your brand, pay close attention to Repeat Visitors. These are the people who have seen the value, and are therefore taking the time to return. Manage to increase this number, and you’re increasing perceptions of your brand’s value.
  • If beating the competition is important to your brand marketing strategy, look at the activity captured by URLs, for each of your main keywords. Focus your SEO strategy and watch the results change. This will also work if your goal is to become a household name for a generic search term.

No matter the goals of your specific brand marketing strategy, you will be much more likely to achieve them with close attention to web analytics. They will not only tell you where your brand needs improvement, but will tell you where your energies are best spent, for the building of brand awareness…and your bottom line.

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