No matter the size of your business, ideal clients are the life blood that will keep it alive. Without ideal clients, your brand will not experience the benefits of positive reviews, referrals, market share, sustainable profit margins…and you will not undergo a fulfilling experience as a business owner.

In order to have the best experience possible and to keep your brand alive, you must be able to attract your ideal client. As a prerequisite, it is essential that you know not only who your ideal client is, but that you understand what makes them tick. After all, it’s difficult to attract something you haven’t identified.


So after you’ve created a client avatar (i.e. a description of your ideal client including attributes like gender, age, family status, career, salary, pastimes, and preferences), use what you know to enact the following advice—for Attracting your Ideal Client.

Start Attracting your Ideal Client Today

At How to Build a Brand, we know that any business’s most valuable assets are not the things you might expect. Some people are surprised to learn that they include the brand, employees, and ideal clients. These are the things that, if nurtured, will keep the business alive.

So let’s get on with some sound advice for attracting one of those all-important assets: The Ideal Client.

  • Like Attracts Like: If you know anything about the Law of the Universe, you know that Like Attracts Like. In other words, positive thoughts and actions attract good things. Negative thoughts and actions attract more of the same. So if you put forth into the marketplace that which you wish to receive, the likelihood that you’ll get that in return is high. If you value clients who are conscientious, then be conscientious with your speech, your written content…in every interaction you have. If you value a fun outlook, then make every day an adventure. This aligns with another tip we outline often: That by listing your top five corporate values, and integrating them into your branding strategy, you will attract clients who share those same values. The relationships that results will not only be enjoyable, they will be profitable.
  • Social Media: The most important part of social media is “social.” This is where people are going, more than anywhere else to learn, to be social, and to buy. Social media offers a brilliant channel through which you can attract your ideal client. Know what channels they prefer and establish a presence there. Weigh in on discussions with sound advice—not sales talk. Show empathy for their problems—especially the ones your brand can solve. Invite them to participate in your events. And always remember to keep the “social,” or human, factor in it.
  • Events: The art of attracting your ideal client involves giving them experiences they will enjoy or be influenced by—ones they’ll have a hard time forgetting. Experiences are ultimately what draw humans together and what form perceptions. Study your ideal client to learn what types of experiences will most greatly affect them, and then give them that. Don’t forget to market the event in all the places where they’re hanging out. They can’t attend something they know nothing about.
  • Offers: Sometimes, investing in a brand can seem like a risk for your ideal client. However, if that risk is removed, it can seem easier to sign on…or simply try. Write a free EBook with an upsell or another free offer at the end. Publish coupons. Offer a free gift to the first 50 people to attend an event. Know your ideal client and give them something that you know would appeal to them.
  • SEO: SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, can be a powerful tool for attracting your ideal client. Fleishman Hillard has found that 89 percent of consumers turn to the internet to search for answers to their problems and for ways to fill their needs. Knowing this, you’d be silly to think you could reach your ideal client without a web presence (and one that can be found easily when your ideal client uses keywords to find it). Do your research: find out which words and phrases your ideal client is using most often. Then consult with an SEO professional to develop a plan for using those keywords to attract through webpages, a blog, video, social media, and more.
  • Encourage Referrals: Consumers are most highly attracted to those brands that are recommended by their family, friend and colleagues. People are more likely to put trust in a brand that is endorsed by someone they trust, and as you may already know, trust is integral to brand success. So in order to attract your ideal client, incentivise your current ideal clients to make the referrals, reviews, testimonials and recommendations that will attract more people like them.

You CAN attract your ideal client, and you can do it efficiently and effectively, when you know your ideal client well, when you offer something you know that person will find valuable, and when you make targeted efforts to put that something in front of that person.

To learn more about attracting your ideal client, we encourage you to register for our one-day B.R.A.N.D. Kick Starter Online Masterclass, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home or office. You’ll learn to make your brand more visible, more credible and more profitable. Register here.

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