In your quest for brand success, you may have stumbled upon the concept of brand development. If you’ve decided that it’s rather complicated and are considering bypassing the process, I urge to think twice.

Whether you’ve simply written off brand development as too complex, or you’re short on the time and resources necessary for enacting it, stick around. Today, you’re going to discover that brand development is no different than any other giant leap: It starts with calculated, carefully executed, and masterfully guided baby steps.

Brand Development – Taking Those First Steps

Here are the steps that How to Build a Brand recommend for enacting effective brand development (and for experiencing its benefits):

  1. Build Brand Identity: In order for a brand to be successful, it must be recognised. This can be accomplished through online marketing, social media marketing, personal encounters, and other initiatives that create ideal client experiences that are tied to your brand’s name and logo.
  2. Capture Mind Share: This step involves educating your target audience about your brand’s USP (telling them what they can expect from your brand, and how that differs from what’s already out there). Even if an ideal client doesn’t have an immediate need for your brand, this step will help to ensure that your brand comes to mind when that need does arise.
  3. Build Trust and Expert Status: A brand must be trusted in order to garner any level of client loyalty. You must also be viewed as an expert, above others in the industry. In order to acquire these elements, offer free and helpful advice, and demonstrate what you know through interactions with existing and prospective clients. Ask for and publish testimonials. Reward referrals.
  4. Put Forth a Value Proposition: Today’s consumers aren’t as concerned with buying cheap as they are with buying wise. This means that your brand shouldn’t necessarily be the cheapest, but it should demonstrate that it’s the best value. Use your brand’s USP, along with demonstrations of how other clients have realised profound value, to build the perception that your brand is a brilliant investment.
  5. Build Brand Loyalty: A brand’s equity is not measured by how many products or services it has sold, but rather, by the sum of the values of its individual clients. If a loyal client is making referrals, writing testimonials, and driving business your way through word-of-mouth advertising, then that client is far more valuable to your brand than any amount of money he’s spent. Demonstrate loyalty to your clients so that you can receive it in return, and your brand development efforts will be, in part, handled by those who are loyal to your brand.

Brand development is one of the most complex, yet most rewarding, things you can do for you brand. The tendency of start-ups and established brands alike is to bypass the process because it’s simply too time-consuming and intimidating.


When you have a branding agency like How to Build a Brand on your side, brand development is not only possible, it’s powerful in its possibilities. Take that first baby step today – and remember that we’re here to guide you through every step of the way, to catch you when you fall, and to provide the branding advice that will keep your brand walking, running, sprinting…and winning.

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