Ever notice how some people get more done in a day than the rest? How some brand builders are killin’ it every day, and others can’t even seem to get the minimum done?

What’s the difference?

Are the highly productive ones more intelligent, more gifted…luckier?

Or do they have inside information? And have they used that information to develop the right skills for getting the most out of each minute?

By now you probably know I’m going to say that you, too, can be a more productive brand builder. That all you’ll need is some sage advice from those business owners and entrepreneurs who are maxing out the potential of every day…

…and you would be right.

See how well we’re getting to know each other?

Let’s go.

How Productive Brand Builders Get Things Done

I have found, through working with uber-successful entrepreneurs in the Brand Builders Club, the How to Build a Brand Facebook group, Master Your Message™ events, B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamps and more, that productive business managers, business owners and brand builders all share a few productivity secrets.

Here are some of the ones that stand out:

  • First Things First: Name the one task that is sure to help you acquire more customers, increase profits, make your brand more visible—whatever is most important to your brand right now—and work on that first, giving it your undivided attention. There’s a tendency among busy working people to knock out small tasks first, as if they need ‘warm up’ before tackling the bigger, more important jobs. Approach every day in a big-thing-first manner.
  • Schedule Time for Corresponding: How much time do you think you waste throughout the day checking emails, texts and social media updates every time you hear a notification sound or feel like having a small distraction from the work in front of you? If you want to be productive like the pros, you must stop doing this. Instead, set aside a time during the day to check messages and respond to them. You may think you’re impressing people by responding immediately to every message; however, what you’re really doing is giving them the impression that you’re easily distracted. And who wants to hire a distracted ‘professional’?
  • Minimise Distractions: Close down your email and social media notifications. Close your office door. Ask for all calls to be held. Do whatever it takes to ensure that your most important tasks have your undivided attention. Not only will the results be of higher quality, you will work more efficiently and be more aware of clues that will lead to innovation.
  • Knock it Out Now: How many times during the day do you open an email, or a piece of mail, or a voicemail…and say “I’ll get to that later”? This is a productivity saboteur. You’re already in it, so get it done now. Making this a regular practice will change the way you move through your day…and will significantly increase efficiency whilst reducing stress.
  • Make Your Calendar into a To-Do List: The traditional to-do list has no completion dates on it. That means you can put things off, indefinitely. Instead of using a to-do list, put tasks on your calendar…and complete those assigned tasks on a daily basis, finishing the most crucial ones first.
  • Schedule Down Time: The most successful business owners use their weekends for leisure, eat dinner with family most nights and go on holiday at least once per year. This is partially due to the fact that they’re so focussed during working hours that they accomplish enough to be able to rest. It’s also due to the fact that they schedule in family and leisure time (and stick to it), because they know just how positively it affects their overall productivity.
  • Write Things Down as Soon as you Think of Them: Brilliant and creative innovators are always thinking. brand-builderTheir minds are always open to new ideas, and they draw inspiration from their current situations. Uber-productive brand builders write things down as soon as those ideas come to mind, on a notebook they carry with them. When we have those ‘ah-ha’ moments, we all think we’re going to remember what we heard, saw, felt…and when we get back to the office, we never think of them again. This practice will increase productivity because you’ll always have a bank of ideas from which to work (rather than ruminating and mourning your ‘business block’), and you won’t have to waste time trying to remember details. Those details will be right there, in your handy-dandy notebook.
  • RSVP “No” to Most Meetings: This doesn’t apply to every meeting (some are necessary); however, it does apply to the weekly or monthly meetings that are called simply for perfunctory reasons. They’re the meetings where nothing is really accomplished, when conversation goes down rabbit trails and in which no one feels that they’ve gotten answers, taken on new tasks or learnt anything. When you do hold meetings, keep them short and focussed.
  • Learn to Say NO: If you’re a ‘Yes’ person, you know how much of your days are eaten up with things that aren’t profitable or that don’t further the mission of your brand. We talk often about the pursuit of your ideal customers. Right now, I want you to promise that you will say “No” to every person who isn’t your ideal customer…from now on and without fail. This will leave more room for more profitable relationships, and will make your everyday tasks more fulfilling and productive.
  • Delegate: You’ve heard this one before; however, you may not be sure about how to go about making it happen. Identify those tasks that A) you’re not good at and B) you don’t enjoy doing. Now, make a list starting with the least desirable tasks and hire professionals (or assign team members) to complete those tasks. You are building the brand you want to see in the world; that means you only have time to do those things that you’re passionate about. Anything else is holding your brand back.

These are just some of the things you can try, in an effort to move yourself and your brand toward higher productivity. Highly productive professionals also claim that fixed morning routines, healthy diets, restful sleep, an active support system and a clear vision of what’s important contribute to their success.

What will you do, today, to increase your productivity? Share your struggles, your victories and your goals in the How to Build a Brand Facebook group. We’re waiting for you!

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