You own a small company. Business is good—the income is paying the bills. Enough people seem to know about it, and some of them come back for repeat purchases. So what more could you ask for? You can’t expect big profits and the lifestyle of your dreams from a small business…


No matter the size of the business, you never have to settle for mediocre or for a salary less than what you could earn working for someone else. So why have you been settling?

Maybe the problem is that you haven’t been turned on to the benefits of company branding. And if you haven’t explored the benefits of branding, chances are that you’ll be pretty surprised at just how remarkable they can be.

Don’t take my word for it. Instead, let’s take a look at some of the genuine benefits experienced by those who have built their companies into a brand.

From Company to Brand, with Benefits

Here are some testimonials from business owners who have decided to brand their companies and then build those brands:

  • “…all the research on our market, customers and competitors, to creating the strategy, colour psychology, the branding and liaising…were so powerful and thought-provoking that we’re really excited about building our brand and disrupting our market!” Patrick Chella and Erik Van Eeten, Reality Africa. The process of creating a brand will reveal a wealth of information to you—from market data to consumer mentality to competition strategy to more about yourself and your business. Not only will you have a product that you can take to the market and use to attract ideal clients, you will have completed a process that will make you more intelligent and intuitive about your own place in the market.
  • “…We have even been approached to do some TV work within weeks of following the programme!” Jem Scragg, BodyUK. When you establish a brand that communicates your company’s story, vision, mission, and more, you’re working to put it in front of all the right people…and deliver the message they want to hear. Accomplish this, and dream clients will come to your brand, instead of all the chasing you might be doing now.
  • “I have only implemented a few of the ideas from the strategy and already won more business in one day than I can handle in a whole year!” Neil Ward, Forward Thinking Lettings. With a brand, a business is no longer an entity seeking out customers. It becomes a living-and-breathing thing, attracting clients in a passive manner. When you decide to establish a brand, you’ll invest time in the beginning, but then, as it grows, you’ll find that it seems to multiply on its own, with less and less effort required from you.
  • “…Our new identity has been very positively received and we now have a whole new image that represents us on every customer-facing touchpoint, from our shop front to our lettings boards and business cards!” Mick Slater, Kingstead Lettings. When an expert branding consultancy helps you to create a visual identity that authentically represents your brand, your target audience will be attracted to the visuals (logo, font, images, colours) associated with your brand. And when they properly align with your brand’s message, ideal clients will begin to not only remember, but to feel an attachment to those visuals (i.e. your brand).
  • “I’ve worked with a number of marketing agencies over the last couple of years, wasting a lot of time and money. They came unstuck every time because they didn’t really resonate with me or take time to understand my business.” Suzanne Peck, Homefield Detox & Weight Loss Spa Retreat. When you create a brand for your company, and you build that brand with a targeted branding strategy, your marketing strategy will come together with less effort and with fewer miscalculations. There will be no need to spray-and-pray: you will have learnt so much about your target audience and your own brand during the branding process that it’s all more likely to come together, in less time.

These are just a few examples of how converting a company to a brand changed the outlooks of individual business owners. Every step of the process, from conceptualization to creation to development to building to marketing, not only shapes the brand, it shapes you as an entrepreneur, with an astute sense of where you fit in the market, what you have to offer that no one else has, and how you can become profitable enough to live the lifestyle of your dreams.


For more information on how you can build a brand with results like those mentioned above, visit our B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator page. There, you’ll see the full testimonials and more about what a brand is and how you can get one.

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