Brand development is a broad and multifaceted topic. This is wonderful news for the administrator who is willing to take the time to nourish ad grow their brand development strategy – and today, I’m talking about how social media and blogging go hand-in-hand with any brand development plan.

Blogging for Brand Development

If you don’t already have an up-and-running blog, I would strongly suggest that you create a blog, as part of your website. A blog not only offers helpful, free information to readers (“give and you shall receive”), but it gives you more opportunities to optimise those big-money keywords and to keep your website updated with fresh content – one of Google’s priorities.


Here are some tips that we, at How to Build a Brand, have for writing brand development blog posts:

  • We’ve talked about being helpful, friendly, and approachable in your social media brand development strategy. Likewise, your blog posts should not be overly technical, but rather, easy-to-understand, and even light-hearted if your industry allows for that. Imagine, whilst writing, that you’re giving advice to a friend, using your own experience and education.
  • Speak directly to your audience, whether that’s one person or one-thousand people. This will give your posts a personal touch. The person(s) you’re writing for should be your ideal client(s). Remember that you may feel like you’re selling to the room, but in reality, you’re selling to a world full of potential clients. When your target audience members find you, you want it to feel, to them, as if you’re talking directly to them.
  • Proofread what you write. When you deliver a quality product – one that makes it obvious that you care – it will be assumed that you run the rest of your business with the same high standards.
  • Publish blog posts at the same time every week. You might publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday around noon. Or, you might put up one post every week on a Saturday morning. No matter the frequency you choose, make your posts predictable. Again, this tells readers that you’ve got your operations in order. This will make you an attractive candidate, should a need for your products or services arise.
  • Consider choosing a monthly topic for your blog posts. Choose these topics based upon social media forum conversations, questions that are posed to you, industry trends, or controversy that readers are interested in. You’ll find that readers who learn of this method will check back often to learn more about topics that are relevant to them.
  • Use pieces of blog posts to create status updates on your social media channels. Don’t repeat from channel-to-channel, but instead mix it up so that people who subscribe to all your social media places will get a variety of information. Remember to include links to your blog posts so readers can get “the rest of the story.”

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