How do you make people aware of you on a daily basis? There are a number of ways to attract attention; however, a very effective method involves talking about what they’re interested in. This same principle applies to creating brand awareness.

In social situations, you might shift the topic of conversation to hold someone’s attention – to keep them around for a bit longer because you’re interested in getting to know him or her better. In branding and business, the same concept applies. It is imperative that you speak a language that causes your ideal clients to perk up and pay attention.

But how will you know what to say?

The same way you might know what to say in that social situation: you do your homework. You research. You study. You learn about the person you’re interested in, so as to build their interest in you.

Your Brand Awareness Homework Assignments

Here is what I would assign to you as target-audience homework, for the purpose of building brand awareness:

  • Find an audience with the potential to be rapt by your brand’s message and mission. The very first step in making your message heard is finding ears that are eager to hear it. Knowing if your audience is primarily male or female, spendthrift or frugal, spiritual or secular…will help you to identify those places (both online and offline) where they’re hanging out.
  • Identify the social media channels that are most conducive to hosting your ideal clients. Is your brand a B2B? Or a B2C? A study of online sources like are likely to provide the data necessary for determining which social media channels your brand should be tapping into. Once you identify those channels, study the conversations happening within your industry niche.
  • Study the likes, dislikes, and habits of those who are already connected to your brand. There is a goldmine of information just waiting to be gathered from the profile pages of people who have already discovered the value of your brand. Build brand awareness by continuing to engage them, and you will simultaneously learn to attract more of the same.
  • Along that same line, monitor conversations that are swirling around your social media community to determine who holds the greatest amount of influence over those whom you would like to win over. Connect and engage with this person or these people, and they will help to build brand awareness for you.
  • Use your website, social media channels, or a tool like to ask direct questions of your audience about what they like, want they don’t like, and what they’d like to see from brands like yours. This will not only build brand awareness through the power of invitation, it will show your target audience that they are your first priority.
  • Use a tool like Google Alerts to stay well-informed about what’s going on in your industry niche and to read what your target audience members are asking for, as well as the language they’re using to ask for it. Simply enter the keywords that are most relevant to the work your brand is doing and watch the insightful links roll into your Gmail account.
  • Listen and respond to criticism with the same zeal that you might respond to a compliment. Not only will you keep your current audience members engaged and satisfied, you will increase brand awareness as people witness your willingness to put your customers first. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

The building of brand awareness involves so much more that spraying-and-praying a message that may or may not reach the people who need it. Taking the time to not only find your target audience, but to learn how to speak to them, will pay you back with dividends.


Want to “make the grade” by capturing mind share, market share, and joining the ranks of great brands? Do your homework now. You might be surprised at what you learn – and even more surprised at what that knowledge can do for your brand awareness.

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