A business owner's greatest challenge will always be attracting ideal customers and keeping their attention for long enough to nurture quality, lasting relationships. Without this ability to brand build, even the best business idea will perish.

In fact, I would say that if you can master that customer attraction, you will never again have to worry about things like generating leads, closing sales, making budget or supporting the lifestyle you desire.

We've all seen the masters at this: the ones who light a spark with just a few words and brand build with masterful technique. What's their secret? Where did they find the key to success?

Well, they all do have something in common, and I am happy to share that secret with you.

They are keenly aware of their ideal customer's current mindset—and they use that to say all the right things to the right people at the right times.

How well could you brand build with that kind of power?

Get ready to find out.

Boost your Brand Building Power

If you haven't already done so, name the specific problem that your ideal customers are suffering from. Here's a hint: it's also the problem you're an expert at solving.

Now, put yourself in your ideal customer's shoes. How is he feeling? What pain is she experiencing? This will likely be easy to imagine, since your ideal customer is probably a version of your younger self—before you solved your problem or relieved your pain with the solution your brand is now offering.

Next (and this is huge), close your eyes and ask yourself:

Is my ideal customer moving toward pleasure or away from pain?

It may have never occurred to you to ask this; however, the answer is central to the next step.

Determine Customer Mindset, for an Epic Brand Build

And now we come to the part that separates the great brands from average ones. It's the ability of the brand builder to truly understand (and ultimately live in and relate to) the specific mindset of their target audience members at the time each individual brand heartbeat reaches their ideal customer.

Here are the three main options we're working with:

  • Preactive: If your ideal customer is preactive, the problem hasn't yet happened to him. He is looking ahead, hoping to avoid experiencing the type of discomfort he's witnessed others enduring. For example, a relatively healthy person is interested in joining a fitness club because he doesn't wish to undergo the health implications of unwanted weight gain.
  • Proactive: Something has happened to this person in the past (either distant or recent), and she does not want to experience it again. She possesses a unique view which includes first-hand knowledge of the consequences, and wants to find power in prevention. An example would be someone who has lost a lot of weight, and who wishes to never return to a life of obesity.
  • Reactive: This person is in the throes of pain as you read this. He was subjected to (or created) a circumstance, and he wants to fix it now. He might be wrapped up in and focussed on the pain at this moment, or he might be looking ahead and imagining how great it will be when he finds relief. One example of a reactive mindset is when someone has become ill due to a poor diet and lack of exercise, and now he's searching for the best way to regain health.

Brand Build in Total, or One Product at a Time

brand-buildBefore you settle on your ideal customer's mindset at the time they make contact with your brand, get clear on this:

Are all your ideal customers in the same place? Or do different products apply to customers in different stages?

This is crucial! Your marketing efforts will either apply to your entire target audience, or to segments of that audience. For instance (using the mindset examples above), you might operate a health and fitness centre that caters to people who are preactive, proactive and reactive. Your message to each segment should use the words that are already running through the minds of the people you're targeting. When they read or hear what you're saying to them, they should immediately feel a kinship with your message…a sense that you understand them completely and have precisely what they need at that moment.

I hope that this mindset message feels applicable to the brand building efforts you're making right now, and that you're clear on how to implement it. Of course, the entire professional global network in the Brand Builders Club is available to you at all hours of the day to answer questions, offer advice, give feedback, support you and refer you to others. Not familiar with it? Learn more about the Brand Builders Club here.

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