A significant part of brand building and positioning is the development of website content. Your website is intended to convert visitors to clients; however, approaching content writing with a blatant, general, or spray-an-pray sales voice can be counterproductive.

Brand Building and Positioning Copy Writing Tips

Here are some tips for writing the best web content for the purpose of positioning and building your brand:

  • Know the gender, age, demographic, and geographic location of your ideal client. Write as if you’re speaking only to him or her. If it helps, think of an existing client whom you really enjoy working with, place his or her picture in front of you, and write as if you’re speaking directly to that person.
  • Write using the second-person point of view. In other words, use words like “you,” “you’re,” “your,” etc.
  • In the beginning of your copy, make it clear that you understand the pain and/or problems of your target audience members. Name the pain. Name the problems. Be specific.
  • Show empathy. Tell your readers that you understand just how badly their problem makes them feel. Give some specific examples to prove it.
  • Demonstrate how your product or service will relieve (or alleviate) your reader’s pain.
  • Try not to speak too generally. You might be tempted to try to appeal to everyone, or you may fear excluding a portion of the population. Resist these feelings. If you’re wishy-washy with your language, you will appeal to very few – no one will feel that you’re speaking directly to them and they’ll move on towards a better fit. On the other hand, if your language is specific, you will attract your ideal clients.
  • Only provide the information necessary for potential clients to understand that your focus is on them – which will greatly contribute to the building and positioning of your brand. Avoid boasting about number of years in business, profits, clientele, etc. Instead, make it all about the reader…and about the value you have to offer to him or her.
  • Be personable, friendly, and approachable. The use of complicated or flowery language can be tempting for some of us, but for the purpose of building your brand, it is important that readers feel that communications with you will be effortless. Use language that can be read and understood by a ten-year-old (if you’re just not sure, then ask a ten-year-old). The only exception might be if your audience consists of intellectuals.
  • Refresh your website content regularly. In your virtual and actual branding travels, you will encounter a number of people with valid and valuable things to say. Take all comments to heart and use them to tailor your content to your ideal client.


Your website content will often be the only contact you make with prospective clients. If it touches the people that you want to touch, they will be spurred to take action, by getting in touch with you. To learn more about all aspects of brand building and positioning, get in touch with me, Sammy Blindell at +44 (0) 208 123 6776 or on Facebook at BrandExpertTips.

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