A critical component of your corporate branding strategy should be consistency. Let’s talk about that word: consistency. It has two different, yet profoundly related, meanings – and each one has something to offer your corporate branding strategy.

Consistency and Consistency in Corporate Branding

First, let’s talk about the consistency that’s related to viscosity, thickness, and fluidity. Is your brand thick and rich (like a gourmet milkshake)? Or is it thin and transparent (like cheap, chlorinated tap water)? The goal is the thick-and-rich variety. But how can you achieve this and why does it matter?


A desirable and valuable product (like that delicious milkshake) starts with the highest quality ingredients. So should your brand. It should be of a thick consistency,

            rich with the values that are most important to you and your brand,

            thick with a desire to work for people who share those same values,

            overflowing with valuable information that will establish you as a professional,

            satisfying in its trustworthiness,

            and sweet with passion that makes it clear that you love what you do.

If you’re finding yourself craving a sweet and creamy milkshake, that’s perfect. This is the hunger that your corporate branding strategy should strive to generate. Be rich with value, and your brand will be “craveable.” Rush through the corporate branding process, or throw something together without investment, and your brand will be that ho-hum glass of tasteless water – a chemical-laden drink with little value that can be easily replicated.

Now, let’s talk about the consistency that means repetition or maintaining a standard. Please do not misconstrue this concept. I am not referring to the mimicking of your competition’s corporate branding strategy; but rather, setting a branding standard for all of your operations and communications, and duplicating them throughout all branded interactions, both public and personal. A few examples include:

  • Colour and graphic consistency: Corporate branding should include a logo and corporate colours that are unchanged across all media. The sight of your brand’s logo, along with its colours, will stir up brand recognition – but only if they’re consistent.
  • Branded language: It should be simple for you, your employees, your affiliates, your clients…all those involved with your brand…to use words and phrases that are unique to your brand. This is accomplished through education of your staff, and repetition by all.
  • Demonstration of values: Remember those rich values on which you’ve built your brand? Make them evident in everything you say, write, and do. From consistency in this practice, a brand culture will develop.
  • Personal branding: Make space in your corporate branding strategy for your personality and your face. You and your face are consistent, in that they don’t change and will be recognisable to all those who come in contact with your brand. This is innate consistency – that which only requires “showing up” and it should not be overlooked.

When people experience the same messages over and over from your brand, they will naturally come to believe that the quality of your products and services are consistent, too. This is not a conscious shift, but one that is psychologically effortless for consumers – only if you do the work.

Consistency and Consistency: one word, two meanings, unlimited corporate branding possibilities. Wondering how you can accomplish thick brand consistency, as well as practiced consistency in branded operations? We have the corporate branding advice necessary for building your brand identity. Simply message us or join the How to Build a Brand conversation on Twitter.

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