Branding involves a number of facets and it’s easy to confuse one element with another. That’s why, at How to Build a Brand, we’ve decided to define, and then delve into, some common branding terms. Today, I’ll be talking about brand design.

So, what is brand design? Let’s talk about it in terms of a process, rather than a product. In the brand design process, a branding expert creates a brand identity for the purpose of concisely communicating the whole brand. Brand design includes graphic design, but that’s only part of the entire process.

What Brand Design Includes

Brand design takes into consideration all forms of communication, including language, sound, video, packaging, interaction with customers, information design, fonts, graphics, colours, logos, physical qualities of products, stationery, employees, internal processes, smells, environmental surroundings, culture, and so much more. If done correctly and with the amount of contemplation that your brand deserves, your brand design processes will ultimately result in a brand identity that is unlike any other. Without intense deliberation, as well as both critical and creative thought, your brand could end up being swallowed in a sea of competition.

Sound complicated? It can be, and that’s why a branding expert is a good person with whom to consult with before embarking upon a brand design journey.



Do You Really Need Brand Design?

Your next question might be: Do I really need brand design? At How to Build a Brand, we’ve seen too many start-up businesses skip this step, only to return months or years later with the realisation that without brand design and a clear brand identity, they struggle with finding their ideal clients, and therefore with realising success.

Investing time and money in brand design ensures that your brand will be a sustainable one that remains competitive, regardless of economic, management, and market changes. Strong brands are not dependent upon commodity, and therefore will not fall victim to price slashing (consider the black market for Tide laundry detergent). They are also recognisable in an unlimited number of scenarios – largely due to their unique and memorable brand identities.

The first step in any brand design process is intense research. This might include interviews, the study of brand processes, market studies, and the use of focus groups. An effective brand designer will take the time to get to know every aspect of your brand and the industry niche you intend to enter. That information will then be used to create a brand strategy, which will be used for reference during the rest of the brand design process. Visual and other sensory design elements are then created. All aspects of the brand design are implemented by the business and effective brand management (to ensure sustenance) is put into place.

No matter the size of your brand, brand design is a necessary step in communicating your brand’s message to all the right people. Without it, you will struggle to reach the right people and to deliver the message you intend. To learn more, email Sammy Blindell at [email protected].

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