Expert brand designers know that every brand needs a unique selling point, and that the USP must permeate every consumer communication – written, verbal, and visual. Traditionally, market leaders have been far different from their competitors, and the best brand designers know how to showcase those differences.

Today, we’re imparting branding advice from professional brand designers, so that you can use your brand’s unique qualities to establish it as a market leader.

Brand Designers Weigh-In on Market Leadership

In order to create and sustain a brand identity with significance and longevity, a brand must stay relevant (i.e. in-touch enough to meet the needs of today’s consumers); however, that brand should stand out from the crowd in some way. It must be different – but not different just for the sake of being different.

Brand designers sometimes use this example: One teen girl dresses in a different style of shocking clothing style every day, for the sole purpose of getting general attention. Another teen girl dresses in one particular style, albeit shocking, because at her core, that clothing style expresses her unique identity. One method of being different is disingenuous; the other is genuine. We all know the difference, and so will your potential clients.

This concept should play a significant role in the designing of your corporate identity. If you attempt simply to be different with the visual elements of your brand, a noted disconnect will put off potential clients. They may not be able to identify the reason for their distaste, but it will, nevertheless, be real enough to foil potential relationships. Your brand identity should be an authentic representation of the values, mission, and vision of your brand; if it isn’t, market leadership could be out of reach.

For example, if your landscaping company attempts to be different by printing a logo that depicts a woman in high-heels mowing a lawn, just to get second looks from potential clients – but then a big stinky thug with torn overalls comes out to trim the hedges – that is not communicating a genuine USP. However, if that same logo is attached to a crew of female landscapers whose unique selling point involves adding a feminine decorating touch to the garden, then your brand will benefit. Authentic uniqueness that runs through every design element, from colour, to lines, to fonts, to images is the key to brand design that promotes market leadership.


Just being better isn’t enough. In order join, or dominate, the market leaders, you must be better than your competition in one significant way that is relevant (or can be proven to be relevant) and then build your brand (including its visual elements) around that difference. It is human nature for people to weigh options. If your brand isn’t visually distinctive, and genuine in its delivery of that distinctiveness, it will be added to the slush pile, where the cheapest will win.

This need for being distinctive applies to your brand identity, too. In essence, if your brand is thoroughly monopolising its USP, and the brand designers working on your brand have channelled that USP, then the visual elements of your brand will be inherently unique. CAVEAT: intricate or beautiful brand designs are not inherently unique. In fact, they could sabotage your efforts at displaying your brand’s USP.

Find a difference in your brand that satisfies a need, that is relevant, and that will endure into the future – and then remind your audience of it often, with words, actions, and visuals. This is wisdom imparted directly from the best-of-the-best brand designers.

Market leaders grasp market share by being the difference that people crave…and effectively communicating that difference. Not sure where to start with your visual brand identity? Get more advice from expert brand designers by calling +44 (0) 208 123 6776, emailing [email protected], or by subscribing to Brand Brain magazine.

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