Whilst establishing your branding budget, you may be tempted to skim over an investment in internet search. Any branding agency would urge you to stop and consider this: an investment in creating an internet search campaign could actually loosen any branding budget constraints you may be feeling.

The Central Office of Information has stated that 42 per cent of those participating in a survey admitted that their corporate budgets were holding them back from a search campaign investment. That number forces us to wonder if those surveyed have incorporated search into their brand strategy at all, and if so, if they have analysed the resulting data to determine if the investment can be justified within their budgets. The branding experts at How to Build a Brand have been advising businesses to consider investments in search for years, and are willing to wager that a well-thought-out search campaign is highly likely to boost branding and profits...as long as the data is analysed with the intent to fine-tune the online marketing strategy.

Search, from a Branding Agency Point-of-View

Did you know that in 2013 alone, Google saw 2,161,530,000,000 searches, with a daily average of 5,922,000,000? SEM, or search engine marketing, is not only a good idea, it’s becoming a necessity for any brand that wants to survive. Here are five distinct reasons why our branding agency ALWAYS recommend that brands use SEM:

  • Too often, brands assume that having a great product and showcasing it well, with a beautiful and easy-to-use website is enough. What they’re missing is that without SEM, very few people will come in contact with their brand.
  • If Google doesn’t know who you are, then no one will. Like it or not, Google is your brand’s number-one advocate in the visibility game. What does Google want? Well, algorithms change, but for starters, it wants fresh and relevant content, links, and SEO (keywords that it can find and use to rank your pages).
  • Because so many people are using internet search to find, learn about, and purchase the products and services they want, you will not only reach a larger audience with search than without it, you will build your brand’s awareness at a rate you may not be able to otherwise realise.
  • Useful content that is written to inform and engage, as well as to attract all search engines, not only satisfies consumer curiosity, it helps your brand to be found in THE largest marketing platform available.
  • Keywords are not only necessary for being ranked in search results, the research to find the keywords that your target audience are using is crucial in learning more about your ideal clients, how they think, and what they want. This is a beautiful thing: you’ll work to be found, as well as to satisfy all the right people when they find you.


SEM involves an initial SEO and content commitment; however, it doesn’t end there. There’s management involved, including the writing of new content, the marketing of that content, PPC, and much more. A branding agency like How to Build a Brand will not only teach you how to make SEM work for your brand, we will get in there and show you.

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