In the realm of branding design, brand logos are big news. Each one has the potential to serve as the face of a successful, globally recognised brand. But that doesn’t apply to your small business, right? You can move forward without a logo...right?

As you design your branding strategy, understand that all communications with your target audience should only transpire if accompanied by your brand’s logo. From the very start, your logo will protect you legally, fortify memories, build brand awareness, establish brand identity, and promote brand loyalty.

The Logo: Branding Design that Pays YOU

There are plenty of reasons why your brand needs a logo, not the least of which is legal protection. Imagine how easy it would be for other brands to assume your brand name and operate under the umbrella of your brand equity – if you have no logo to identify you. Your logo is your signature, protecting you against imposters and imitators.

Now, let’s think about how people learn and remember. Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m terrible with names”? How about, “I never forget a face”? We’ve all heard these statements, and many of us have used them. Human beings are visually stimulated creatures, and we use images far more than we use words to relate and remember. This makes a logo a necessity for your brand. Your logo is the memorable face of your brand. Without it, you’re just a forgotten name.

Every day, consumers are flooded with logos. They’re on the telly, the web, billboards, menus, newspapers, brochures, signs, clothing, food…the exposure is virtually endless. This means that your logo needs to carry with it lots of clear meaning, a specific message, and a unique design. Only a branding design expert has the knowledge to make all that happen. Branding design agencies understand the impact of colours and shapes. They know what colours and designs speak for (and to) specific industries. And not to be discounted by any business owner who attempts to design a logo using standard word-processing software, branding design professionals know what file types and colour reproductions will work for all of your brand’s applications.branding-designA pretty picture isn’t enough to establish brand identity. A carefully designed, professional logo will speak to the intellects of your ideal clients, whilst communicating your brand’s unique value system, characteristics, and worth. Your logo is your brand representative – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never rests. As long as you ensure that your logo accompanies every piece of marketing and communication that you create, it will work to build your brand identity and to become the face that people won’t forget.



At How to Build a Brand, we understand how tempting it can be to skip the logo design process. Your small business is ready to go, and you want to get your name out into the world; however, projecting your brand name without a face to accompany it is a common, and detrimental, mistake.

A logo is a “big deal.” In fact, it can make-or-break some “deals” that are essential to your brand’s success. A logo created by a branding design authority is an investment that will pay compounded dividends.

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