Your business name is not your brand identity, but it is an important part of your efforts to build your brand. So how have the big brand names done it? How have they chosen words that both resonate and are easy to remember? There are exceptions, but for the most part, we recommend using words that are integral to your branding message…and words that are real ones.

How Brand Names Choose the Right Names

In The UK, 90% of consumers use and .com to search for the merchandise, information, and services they need; therefore, if brand names (and therefore, domain names) match those search terms, the chances of consumers landing on appropriate pages are boosted.

For instance, if a mother is searching for a bakery to make unique and delightful cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday party, she might use a phrase like ‘creative cupcakes’ to search for an imaginative baker. If your bakery is named Creative Cupcakes, you’re likely to get more traffic than if your bakery is called Little Sweetcakes. Surely, the latter is more fun, more inventive; but Creative Cupcakes, which is searchable and captures brand identity, will net more visits.

With a branding strategy that is properly optimised for internet traffic, you can choose any business name you like. However, if you want to get the most out of every word, then keep your business name uncomplicated, self-explanatory, and simply searchable.

Though puns are quite clever, avoid using them in brand names. Not everyone, particularly those brought up in cultures that differ from your own, will ‘get it,’ and your branding message might be lost.

Keep your business name positive. Think of your target audience and make a list of ideals or items that bring your audience members joy or conjure up fond memories for them. Deliberate over the list and pare it down to a few words and then move forward. If your business name brings about positive emotions, people will want to try your brand.

Once you settle on a list of potential brand names, consult with Adwords to help you choose a name that’s highly searched, check that the domain name is available, and ensure the business name hasn’t already been registered. Stay true to your branding identity, and your business name will organically work with your branding strategy to build your brand.



If you’re having trouble deciding among a number of potential brand names, take a step back and view them as if you are a consumer in the niche market you’re targeting. Which one(s) elicit the most positive emotion? If this doesn’t help you to settle on a single choice, consider building a focus group or conducting real-consumer surveys. Say the brand names out loud. How would each one look in a newspaper headline? How would each one sound when spoken by a radio personality…or a talk show host?

Having trouble coming up with a business name that works with your brand identity? Don’t be disheartened. There’s help available. Contact How to Build a Brand on +44 (0) 208 123 6776 for some simple, innovative ideas from experts on brand names.

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