You have been listening to branding agency professionals speak about how to build a brand. You have been reading the works of leaders in your industry. You have been watching videos that feature your favourite speakers.

And now it’s time to establish your very own, branded voice. Your words, pacing, tone, (and pitch and inflection when speaking) should be uniquely yours—indicative of your brand’s values and USP. But alas, you’re struggling. You’ve subconsciously adopted a way of speaking and writing that mimics branding agency professionals and leaders in your industry.

How can you avoid sounding like a copycat? How can you embrace everything they’ve taught you whilst breaking out with your own, unique voice? And how much does it really matter?

We’re so glad you’ve asked.

Brand Voice Pointers, from a Branding Agency

Your own unique branded voice is SO important to your standing out from the competition. In the beginning, it will grasp attention. As your brand grows, it will provide the familiarity necessary for building trust (a must in the building of a brand).

Here are some branding tips from our branding agency professionals, for establishing your very own branded voice:

  • On some level, we all understand that it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. The words fine and wow, for instance, can change meaning with a simple shift in tone. For this reason (and a few more), it really matters how your brand expresses itself. Are your ideal clients motivated by fear, hope, pain, excitement, or joy? Whatever it is, set that tone with the manner in which you speak.
  • Your brand’s corporate values are expressed through language. Think about this: If your brand’s values include education and patience, then speaking quickly with lots of jargon will erode your brand’s reputation. If your brand’s values include sophistication and luxury, but you’ve chosen to use slang, infantile language, your brand will lose authenticity. Before speaking (or publishing), always ensure that your language reflects your brand’s corporate values.
  • Allow your personal brand (your personality) to shine through in your corporate branding language. Consumers are no longer willing to express loyalty to faceless brands; they want to know you, and know that your personal values align with their own. When you write material (for publication, a speaking event, or for networking events), speak as only you would. Use words and style that your best [professional] friend would recognise as yours.
  • When you’re writing your own branded material, turn off all other language influences. Be [only] with yourself whilst writing. This will prevent others’ words and ways of speaking from infiltrating your brand’s unique way of communicating. Draw from your own experiences; this will ensure that your material is unique-by-default.


  • Avoid scrapping ideas that don’t sound unique. Instead, work out different ways (and words) to convey that idea. Remember that some of most effective branding and marketing campaigns aren’t unique in ideals, but unique in communication of existing ideals. This is the true definition of creativity—so start thinking about new ways to deliver old ideas.
  • Ask for advice from those who know you best. Your friends, family, and colleagues know what’s unique about you. Compile a list of those attributes, with their help, and work to express those qualities in your brand communications. If you stay true to yourself, without working to emulate or please outside sources, your writings will be naturally unique.

There is only one YOU. Therefore, YOUR brand has as much potential to be unique as any other. Often, the difference between copycat brands and unique brands is determined by the brand owners’ ability (or willingness) to flesh out their own brand’s distinctiveness.

Be that proactive brand owner. Be the one who stands out with language…and then stands out with market share.

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