There’s one sure way to know if internet marketing is working: it’s creating revenue for your company. Poorly executed internet marketing will result in no boost of income—or worse, it can result in negative associations for your business.

How do the most successful internet marketers do it? How do they make what seems like a few strategic moves and get all the attention their brands need to boost visibility and sales?

There was a key word in that last sentence. It’s brand, and without it, internet marketing can seem like a gigantic waste of time.

Why Internet Marketing Needs a Brand

When you have a brand that people recognise, they are more likely make a move toward establishing a connection with it (i.e. communication or purchase). Not only will they remember it from past interactions (or simple sightings), they will feel some level of trust for it…and maybe even want to become a part of it because others have.


For this reason, it makes sense to build a brand before starting any internet marketing campaign. Proceeding in this order means that you will have established a strong foundation before building business on it. Here are some more specific points to make the process easier to understand:

  • Logo: When your brand has a logo that works to visually reinforce the message of your brand (through colour, shapes, lines and fonts), it’s not only more easily recognised, it sends your intended message to all who see it (whether they realise they’re absorbing that message or not). When internet users see your brand logo, it will trigger memories and positive associations if your brand has already been presented to them in other relevant places and other relevant situations (i.e. if branding has already been expertly implemented). Trust, or the seed of trust, will have been planted and your ad is more likely to get the click.
  • Words: From your brand name to your tag line to every bit of text written about your brand….your internet marketing should not only reinforce what’s already been said, but should align well when new things are written. When you have an established brand, there should be a branded language that goes along with it. Adhere to this with every communication (i.e. every ad), and your target audience will begin to recognise and trust it. It will feel familiar in all internet marketing touchpoints, and they will feel more compelled to connect.
  • Social Proof: Let’s say an ideal client comes upon your internet marketing ad and feels intrigued. She goes to other channels that she frequents (internet search, social media, etc.), and she finds no evidence of an established brand with followers and clients. She has found no social proof, and therefore does not feel comfortable moving forward with making contact. If you had an established brand, she would have found testimonials and proof of past business. The brand and branding should have come first.
  • Competition: Your competition is likely going to engage in internet marketing, too. If one potential client sees both ads in the same day, which one is he more likely to click on? The one he recognizes or the one he’s never heard of? The one with a skimpy social media presence or the one with lots of review, likes, shares and connections? The one with a prominent place on Google’s search results or the one at number 351,000,000?

By now you may have determined that it’s important to build your brand name before you take it to the internet for marketing. It makes sense, really. Get some support behind it. Build recognition. Get testimonials. Gain brand advocates who assert their brand loyalty.

Then, use that brand name, logo and reputation you’ve built to expand your reach and profitability through targeted internet marketing.

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