Connective tissue: It makes the body one, cohesive unit by supporting, connecting – as well as defining – all components. Branding design serves a similar purpose, in that it connects the experiences and memories that a brand creates with visual anchors that aid in recall and recognition.

Branding design alone does not make a brand; in fact, the definition of brand has a lot to do with intangible concepts. Instead, branding design acts a tangible go-to, a visual reference…something real for your ideal clients and loyal clients to connect with.

How Great Branding Design Works to Make, and Maintain, Connections

Again, branding design is not your brand. However, it is invaluable to brand building, management, and longevity – and is intertwined so tightly with brand that the two are (or should be) inseparable. Here are some ways that powerful branding design supports your brand:

  • Branding design isn’t just your brand’s logo. It’s essentially everything about your visual brand. Knowing this will help you to understand that brand-sponsored experiences are cemented in memories when they’re steeped in visual brand accompaniments.
  • Today’s consumer is an emotional buyer. Colours, lines, and other visual elements each charm particular emotions – and are therefore powerful players in the conversion process. They should accompany every brand experience.
  • Take note of the comparison we’ve made between branding design and connective tissue: it is not the organs, muscle, or fat of the brand; it’s the supportive elements that provide for the proper function and placement of those items. This means that branding design should not overpower the brand itself – it should work to make the brand the star.


  • When branding design is professionally executed, it is created not only alongside the brand, but inseparably with the brand. It should be so deeply interconnected that the branding design and the brand become difficult to differentiate. At How to Build a Brand, we believe that this is a true indicator of a professionally designed and developed brand.
  • Branding design that is fluid and able to evolve as your brand grows and changes works like strong, yet flexible, connective tissue. It holds your brand together, but isn’t so rigid that the connections break when placed under pressure. Don’t be afraid to allow your branding design to evolve – without losing its essence.

An expert branding design professional (or team) is crucial to building a cohesive, successful brand. Before any branding design work is done, get comfortable with the idea that it needs to be knit into the fibre of your brand. Start to view it as connective tissue. Branding design should never be a forethought or an afterthought – lest your brand suffer the same fate.

Consult with a branding design expert for advice on how to get started on solidifying your brand with all the visual elements that will make it not only memorable – but unforgettable.

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