You know what branding is. You know that intelligently designed brand strategies support and build your brand. You know what editorials are. Now put it all together and you’ll get one of branding’s hottest trends in brand strategies: the Branditorial.

Until recently, brands have relied on recognisable print magazine and newspaper titles to carry their advertisements and news stories. The publications they chose may have been loosely related to their brand strategies in an abstract or general sense, but the brand was powerless in choosing the material that surrounded (and supported) their content.


More recently, brands have been blurring – if not obliterating – the line that separates brand marketing from journalism. They’re publishing their own branditorials: consumer-centred magazines (print or online) that deliver feature stories and the latest news – all specifically and narrowly related to their brand.

Should Brand Strategies like yours Include Branditorials?

When a brand publishes a branditorial, it positions itself as an authority and a go-to source for first-hand news and information in a specialised niche. Remember: the first steps in building a brand involve building trust and establishing yourself as an industry expert; a branditorial can help you accomplish these things – in a big way.

Branditorials are also a great way to associate you brand with other big brand names and industry figureheads. Interviews offer mutual advantages: you brand will benefit from the association and the interviewees will gain exposure in a wider market.

When branditorials are included in brand strategies, it is imperative that the person in charge of content creation and selection has an intimate relationship with your brand’s message. All content should demonstrate your brand’s values, as well as support its vision and mission statements.

Issues of your branditorial work brilliantly as free gifts and promotions, as well as gateways to subscriptions. Those subscriptions are great sources of income and double as marketing tools when issues appear in waiting rooms and at industry-sponsored events.

Brands with Branditorials in their Brand Strategies

Zappos has developed an IPad app branditorial that not only offers a catalogue from which to order (and a next-day delivery incentive), but editorial content related to shoes, accessories, etc.

Louis Vuitton’s New Now site is unlike any other in that it offers visitors the chance to fully immerse themselves in everything shoes.

Branditorials keeps current clients interested and attract new customers with visual, intellectual, and emotional experiences they won’t find anywhere else. To find out if a branditorial could contribute to your branding efforts, contact How to Build a Brand today.

You may also be interested in checking our very own branditorial, Brand Brain Monthly magazine. In it, you’ll find loads of branding advice, tips for building remarkable brand strategies, interviews with brilliant entrepreneurial minds, and much, much more.

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