A branding agency will tell you: an integral part of digital branding is video marketing, but shooting that video is just the beginning. As markets become flooded with video, it’s important to make sure your productions can be found by search engines.

YouTube is a premier host for video, and it’s no surprise that Google favours it because Google owns it. This is good news for a branding agency that knows how to optimise video; however, it’s not so good for those who upload a video and stop there.

How our Branding Agency uses YouTube

There are more than 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, which severely diminishes your video’s chances of being found in the digital pile. Plus, if your video does make it to YouTube’s first page of search results, your production will be surrounded by YouTube’s recommendations for similar material (i.e. your competitors).

How to Build a Brand recommend using YouTube to catalogue your videos, so all devices, from smartphones, to tablets, to desktops, can access it, and so that it will be presented to Google in a venue that it’s partial to.

We also recommend that your YouTube-hosted videos appear on your website, in emails, alongside press releases, and on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn…and we’re not talking about links to videos. It’s best to embed those videos, using the method recommended by the page’s host.

Optimise YouTube videos using keywords in titles and keywords and links in descriptions. Then take the SEO party over to your place. For the most effective branding, place videos in prominent, above-the-fold locations on your most popular webpages. When you optimise your videos in YouTube as well as in your own venues, you will multiply the reach of those videos. Consumers who find those videos on YouTube might follow links to your website; and likewise, those consumers who find the videos on your site or social media pages might go to YouTube to discover what other interesting videos you’re offering on your YouTube channel.

Video: A Powerful Branding Agency Tool

Video promotes intelligent branding by engaging the overwhelming number of consumers who are attracted to visual and digital media. It helps to keep people on your site, and studies show that it increases click-throughs and conversions, as well as time spent reading supporting content.

One problem that a branding agency must conquer in the information age is the declining attention spans of consumers. There are so many brands competing for their attention that over-stimulation is a serious problem. If you can’t grab and maintain attention within the first few seconds, you’ve lost them. Video works to combat this challenge. It’s also more likely to be shared on social media – meaning not only that your audience’s attention span will be captured, but that they will send it on, to capture the attention of other potential customers.


No branding agency can deny the power of video in today’s online marketing scene. It’s a happening party, and in order to be seen, we recommend that you show up…in a big way.

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