An Entrepreneur, a Business Owner and a Brand Builder walk into a bar.

They all sit down and order drinks. They’re not there for long before they hear the couple next to them talking about the financial problems they’re experiencing.

“We need to consolidate some bills,” says the woman.

“No, we just need to stop spending money,” replies the man.

The three businessmen are all three instantly intrigued because they all know someone who can help this couple with their problem.

The Entrepreneur taps the husband on the shoulder. “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. I have worked with John Smith in the past, and he’s phenomenal. He solved all my money problems, and now I’m living large. He’s known for his tough love, and he’ll whip your household budget into shape.”

The Business Owner speaks up next. “Sue Brimfield is the one to call. She’s an independent consultant who specialises in recovery after lapses in employment, health problems and that sort of thing. She has some great tricks for paying off credit cards, fast.”

“Forget them,” says the Brand Builder. “Call DebtDemolisher. That’s all you need.”



Now, without looking back, can you remember any of the recommendations made by these three businessmen? If you’re like most people, you’ll remember (or be close to remembering) the third suggestion, made by the Brand Builder.

And now for the more important question: If you were a financial consultant specialising in debt reduction, how do you think your name would be best remembered and repeated? Would you rather be known as A) Joe Smith, B) Sue Brimfield or C) the DebtDemolisher?

If you chose C, you can see the value in having a Fame Name.

Now let’s talk about how to get one of your own.

Your Own Fame Name: When you Want to Build a Brand Online

The Brand Builder in the story above knew the power of the fame name; that’s why he used it, that’s why he didn’t need to elaborate upon it…and that’s why we call him “Brand Builder.”

So what is a fame name, anyway? It’s a 15-character-or-less handle that describes your brand, without much elaboration needed. The fame name will grab the attention of interested prospects and will also be simple to remember, in the event that your services are needed.

Here are some tips for creating and using your fame name to build your brand online (and off):

  • Make it 15 characters or less. Like I mentioned above, your fame name should not exceed 15 characters. Why? Because the first place you’ll start to use your fame name is on Twitter, and that’s the character limit (without the @ symbol) for Twitter handles.
  • Your fame name does not have to be your brand name. If you’ve heard about the importance of a fame name, but you’ve avoided creating one because your brand name is too long or the Twitter handle that matches it is already taken, there’s no need to pass on this opportunity to build a brand online. Your fame name doesn’t have to match your brand name. It simply needs to succinctly describe what your brand does. Our brand name is How to Build a Brand, and our fame name is BrandExpertTips. See how that works?


  • Make it catchy. In an effort to make your fame name memorable (and to build a brand online when people go looking for it), think about cadence and “feel” as you create it. Will the words rhyme? Will they all begin with the same letter? Or will there be a certain poetic rhythm to the name? Say it out loud. Listen for a “ring.” Even if you can’t define what makes it great, you’ll know it…and so will your ideal customers.
  • Make it as descriptive as possible. I know you only have 15 characters to work with here; however, when you invest the time in getting this right, it will take off and will gain not only notoriety, but power in your industry and amongst your target audience. This is the time to brainstorm. Write words down on paper or on a white board. If you have a tight-knit team who understand your brand, gather them together and let the ideas flow. Visit, which will allow you to play around with words and to see all social media and domain names that are not only possibilities for your fame name, but that are available. Avoid general words like solutions, advantage, and wonderful. They might describe how people feel about your brand, but your fame name needs to explain what your brand does.
  • Use that fame name across all channels. We started with Twitter because that’s the channel with the shortest maximum character limit; however, your fame name should be used on all social media channels, and even as your URL domain name if possible. Even if you’re not planning on using a particular social media channel or domain, if your fame name is available, buy it. This will keep others from purchasing it and causing confusion between your brand and theirs.
  • This goes for personal brands, too. You may have found yourself wondering if a fame name only applies to corporate brands. The answer is no. Your personal brand should have a fame name, too. DebtDemolisher is lot more memorable than Joe Smith (And how many Joe Smiths are out there?).

The advantages of using a fame name to build a brand online are numerous. There’s the memorability, explanatory nature, simplicity, consistency and expertise conveyed by a fame name…all of which make it easier for brand advocates to spread the word about your brand. And who doesn’t want more of that?

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