Wondering what to write about in blog posts and social media status updates? You’re not alone. Many other business owners, administrators, and online marketing experts struggle with how to build a brand using strategically selected social media and blog post subject matter.

As always, How to Build a Brand recommends that you use your expertise and industry experience to write about things that you know will interest your target audience; however, it’s also important to stay on the cusp of what’s developing…as well as what’s controversial. We have some suggestions for learning what’s hot and up-and-coming in your niche.



Build a Brand with Content that Matters

To build a brand with relevant content, we first recommend that you conduct some keyword research. You’ll do best when you take the time to determine what terms people are using to search for businesses like yours. You may do this by using the Google keyword search tool and typing in the keywords that you think people might be using to find products, services, and advice like yours. This tool will help you to build a brand by displaying information about how many people – locally and globally – are using the keywords you select. It will also make other suggestions. Often, this ends up being a tool for finding keywords that will work better than the ones you’re currently focussing on.

Once you’re confident that you have a collection of solid keywords, use Google Alerts to learn about what’s going on in the world with those keywords. You can choose a frequency and you’ll get updates in your inbox whenever something new is posted using those keywords. You’ll learn about new industry developments, new products, your competition, bubbling controversy…not to mention some things that you’d like to question or challenge. It won’t be long before you find yourself choosing between topics, rather than trying to find topics. This is also a great way to learn about what people are saying about you and your business. Simply enter your name and your company name and you’ll soon be on your way to using the information you gather to build a brand.

Social Oomph can also be a valuable tool when you want to build a brand. It works much like Google Alerts except that it searches for terms used in the world of social media. You can use it to stay abreast of developments and be the first to bring them to your geographical area; or, maybe with innovative creativity, you can use what you learn to create your own developments and build a brand.

Not only will these tips help you decide what to write about, they will help you to build a brand by giving you the tools you need to stay current and creative. Though you can rewrite material, I highly recommend that you use what you learn to build a brand with inspired innovation.

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