Building brand awareness in this high-speed, high-tech world is not a high-speed or high-tech endeavour. Instead, maintaining a personal touch, taking the time to give selflessly, and being the brand that you’d like to see in the world will go the farthest in your effort to build brand awareness.

Brand Awareness is Public and Personal

Social media is an invaluable tool for building brand awareness. Few other places allow you to speak to a global audience in your own branded language, on your own terms; however, there’s a right and a not-quite-right way to communicate using social media. Keep these points in mind whilst building brand awareness on social media (I’ll be using LinkedIn as a channel example):

  • Find LinkedIn groups that share your brand values and where you can reasonably expect to find people who are experiencing the type of pain that your brand can relieve. This will require research, but will be worth the effort when you obtain your first piece of business.
  • Resist joining every LinkedIn group that is loosely related to your brand. This will not only crowd your inbox with notifications, it is likely to frustrate you and cause you to lose focus on your ideal customer. Instead, find three to five groups in which you think you can most successfully build brand awareness and apply for membership.
  • Actively participate in group conversations, making it obvious that you’re reading, learning, and interested in what everyone in the group has to say.
  • When you come across a declaration of pain that you know can be alleviated with your product or service, avoid simply offering a link to your website. Instead, directly acknowledge and address the person’s problem and offer advice. Recommend a book that gives experiential advice for solving their problem. Offer examples of your own experience with this type of pain and explain how you solved your problem.
  • If someone is asking, in a straightforward manner, for the type of service you offer, resist the temptation to point them toward your Facebook page, your website, or any other web place that describes your brand. If you respond with an offer of help that is tailored to the person’s request, you will brand yourself as supportive, friendly, and willing to spend time moulding a custom solution.
  • Offer free, no-strings-attached advice. When you give, you will receive; however, if you give without any hint of expectation, you will likely receive even more.
  • Remember that every time you interact with social media comments, you are not only speaking to the person you’re writing to – you’re speaking to every person who will ever read that post. Always speak to your ideal client, because someday your ideal client will read what you have written.


Participating in social media conversations is not the only way to build brand awareness. It’s part of a collage of interlocking branding elements, all necessary for brand awareness success.

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