You’ve probably heard of Google+, Google’s own social media network. Here’s the question: have you included it in your social media strategy as you learn how to build a brand? Today, I’m talking about how valuable Google+ can be to your brand strategy.

Google+ Helps Answer the Question, “How to Build a Brand?”

At How to Build a Brand, we’ve been using Google+ (and recommending it) for quite some time and have seen the online marketing benefits, first-hand. Not only does it enhance any social media campaign, it offers features that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s second only to Facebook in number of users, but social media gurus predict that it will overtake Facebook’s user volume in the not-so-distant future.

As you set up your Google+ profile and start uploading content to it, I suggest that you keep the following pieces of How to Build a Brand advice in mind:

  • Have a professional headshot taken and use it as your profile picture for Google+. Remember to smile because a friendly, approachable face will encourage engagement. Be yourself – this image will contribute to the personal aspect of your brand.
  • Complete all fields whilst setting up your profile, including the personal questions regarding interests and hobbies. You’ll find that a completed Google+ profile is more detailed than any other social media page profile; this is a distinct advantage offered by this platform. Remember that personal branding (revealing your face, your personality) is quickly becoming a crucial part of any branding strategy.
  • Resist the temptation to use a Google+ stock header image. Instead, use one (or create one) that is specific to your brand, keeping your brand’s colours, logo, strapline, branded images, and fonts in mind. This will contribute to the building of your brand identity.
  • Include links to the websites that are important to your business, as well as links to your other social media pages. As we’ve learnt from Google in the past, outbound and inbound links are golden, and the more engaged visitors are, the more clicks you will receive.
  • Engage all types of learners by including a variety of media types. At How to Build a Brand, we’ve noticed different types of engagement from different types of prospects with each kind of media (text, images, video) we upload. Take advantage of this phenomenon by appealing to a number of learning preferences.
  • Any time you upload new content to your website (like a new blog post) or to another social media site (like YouTube), write a blurb and include a link in a Google+ status update. This will extend your content’s reach, and potentially increase engagement and conversions.


  • Use branded language in your status updates, including keywords and keyword phrases. Speak directly to your ideal clients and offer information that will stir emotion and call them to action.
  • Include hashtags in every Google+ post. These will allow other Google+ users to find your content more easily.
  • If your status update is lengthy, make it more readable by inserting plenty of spaces. Use bullet points if you have a list to present.
  • Complete the Google+ Authorship Program, which will place your headshot and details along with search results. This is valuable because it appeals to visual (the majority) of people, and they’ll be more likely to click on a search result with a photo included. Current numbers indicate that click-through rates increase by a minimum of 15% when authorship is claimed. It just seems more credible from the start.
  • Install a Google+ badge (icon) on your website(s), to make access simple for your visitors.

As you learn how to build a brand with Google+, keep in mind that other users can follow you on Google+, you can engage with other content on Google+, users can click on the links you provide, and the maybe the best part…SEO is built in. Remember: Google owns Google+, so the search engine naturally wants to promote its own platform and to reward those who use it. That’s a win/win situation, and one that will reward your brand with a solid identity, awareness, and growth.

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