Who’s the most caring person you know? Who would do anything for you – as long as it’s ethical? Who is always looking for the good in people? If you answered “Mom,” you’ll be interested in today’s topic: How to build a brand that appeals to mothers.

Does your brand’s target audience include women, or more specifically, mothers? Then you don’t want to miss out on the valuable information included here. Your ideal maternal, female clients will repay you with their loyalty if you incorporate a few common-sense, mom-concentrated measures into your brand strategy.

Mothers Show us How to Build a Brand

According to she-conomy, 85% of all brand purchases are made by women…yet only 3% of all creative directors in branding agencies are women. Add to this the fact that 91% of women feel misunderstood by advertisers, and you’ve got a perfect opportunity for reaching moms with the right branded message.

Online marketing is an area with huge development potential for brands that market to moms. ‘The digital mom’ movement proves that the internet is a brilliant way to reach mothers. Forbes tells us that 70% of moms attest to the fact that technology has helped them to become better mothers. Moms spend 6.1 hours per day on their smartphones and more than 10 hours per week on their tablets, according to TechCrunch. MarketingCharts have found that 77% of mothers follow one brand via social media, whilst 23% follow more than ten. Moreover, Edison Research conducted a poll of 1500 mothers and found that 97% of them purchased something online, via their tablets, in the past month.

What do these staggering statistics teach us about how to build a brand? Firstly, women – mothers in particular – have enormous spending power. The stats also tell us that mothers prefer to shop online, that they have potential to demonstrate profound brand loyalty, and that they primarily use tablets and smartphones (making tablet and smartphone website design essential).


Moms are not only big spenders, they are also big on ethics, as well as social and environmental responsibility. This is great news for those mom-focussed brands willing to delve into ‘cause marketing.’ Mothers want to know how the brands they support are affecting the world around them, so think about this as you determine how to build a brand. Pledge to donate a portion of sales to a non-profit or to a cause that fights hunger, saves a rainforest, or helps to pay medical bills. You may also consider getting your employees involved in a clean-up day, a 5K for a cause, or disaster relief. Make your efforts a public, conversation-worthy event with online marketing and social media marketing.

Mothers have more spending power than ever. Not only are they buying things for their children and households online, but they’re also more involved in purchases that were traditionally reserved for man of the house, like homes, home improvements, cars, car repairs, tools, vacations, and more.

When determining how to build a brand for moms, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Can my brand be made attractive to moms? If you can brand your products and/or services in a way that appeals to mothers, do it. Not only are they spending more than men, they will reward a brand that understands them with their loyalty (which equates to valuable purchases AND invaluable word-of-mouth advertising).
  2. If my brand is already designed for moms, can I make it more appealing? If you’re able to speak to mothers’ senses of principle, environmental responsibility, ethics, or charity, then grasp the opportunity for your brand to speak the language of Mom. Prove that money spent with your brand is money that will benefit a higher purpose, and you will garner loyalty from mothers.

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