A huge part of building a corporate brand is building an online presence…and SEO makes that presence possible. But how to accomplish good SEO? One component is link-building, and we’re talking about that here, today.

Search Engines like a Corporate Brand with Connections


By now, you may have discovered the value of networking. Referrals and word-of-mouth advertising are the most valuable (and most inexpensive) ways to build your corporate brand. Your reputation is bolstered every time a respectable person recommends your business. This is the logic behind the search engines’ fondness for inbound links from reputable sources.

When a well-established, high-ranking website contains a link to your site, it’s as good as a trusted referral. Here’s how you can build your corporate brand with inbound links:

  • If you haven’t set up a blog, do so. Post regularly – at least two times per week. Building quality content on a regular basis will not only improve your search engine page rank, it will increase the likelihood of others seeing that quality information and linking to it.
  • Link to other blog posts that provide relevant information to your corporate brand. Who knows? The administrator may return the favour.
  • Shop for opportunities to write guest blog posts and do so regularly. With permission, you can link back to your website from your guest post. And if things go well, an administrator may invite you to write another post or may link to your blog from elsewhere on that website.
  • Give away something for free. People love to share great deals with friends, and might link to your offer in order to score some points with their own audience.
  • Think about the website from which you’d like a link. Now think about that brand’s ideal client. What would their audience appreciate? Is it a webinar, a template, a top-ten list? Of course, the article should align with your own corporate brand in some way, whilst being attractive enough to draw that link.
  • Stay abreast of breaking news in order to draw links. If you’ve got what’s hot right now, others will see the benefit in linking their readers to your posts.
  • When requesting inbound links, ask that they be made using your chosen keywords.
  • If there’s a particular site you’d like to provide an inbound link, simply ask. They may oblige. Or, write a book review, give a positive testimonial, or provide some other editorial that puts them in the spotlight. Create a situation in which it would be in their best interest to link to your blog.
  • If you’re funny, you have a gift that not everyone can replicate. If applicable to your corporate brand, use humour that others will want to pass around.

Once you obtain just one inbound link from a high-ranking website, you can expect a jump in your own search engine ranking within two months. That’s powerful SEO practice! The list of tips included here is just the beginning. To learn about more ways to build your corporate brand with links, simply call How to Build a Brand on +44 (0) 208 123 6776 or Like us on Facebook.

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