Being remembered should be the long-term goal of every brand. Establishing and carrying out a strong, cohesive brand identity strategy is a key component to being memorable. Today, I’m revealing the secrets to designing a brand identity strategy that will make your brand unforgettable.

A Memorable Brand Identity Strategy


Brand identity is the way a brand is perceived, in first impressions as well as in lasting impressions. Perceptions are crucial because they are the gateways to valuable business-building elements like brand loyalty.

You have the opportunity to build a brand identity that suits your brand vision – but the real challenge comes in building a brand identity that is perceived by your target audience to be what you’ve intended.

Appealing to everyone is not the goal. The goal is to make your values evident through your brand identity strategy so that your brand will attract the types of consumers that fit your vision, mission, and values.

So how does one go about creating a brand identity strategy with the power to not only move people, but to create the types of pleasant memories that will keep them coming back again and again? Here are a few pieces of advice we would share with someone building their own brand identity strategy:

  • Success starts with knowing how your ideal client thinks, what he or she wants and needs, and what emotions will spur them to action (i.e. purchase)…because, remember, brand identity is not about what you say it is; it’s about what your audience perceives. Know your audience, and what they want to feel, and then ask yourself what will make that happen (whilst staying true to your brand’s values).
  • Your brand identity strategy should be in-line with your brand image. The colours, shapes, and other visual elements that you choose should go hand-in-hand with your target audience’s perceptions of your brand. Cohesion is the theme.
  • Compile a list of words that will touch your audience and spur them to act. Much of this can be accomplished by simply listening to the words used by your ideal clients and by reading what they write on social media pages, in email correspondence, and in forums where they’re speaking freely and with like-minded people.
  • Determine if your audience is comprised of mostly visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, or digital learners. Make a list, in descending order of importance, and integrate communication plans into your brand identity strategy that your audience would most greatly appreciate.
  • Includes tactics for staying top-of-mind for your ideal clients, as well as for those people who may know your ideal clients. Even if a purchase isn’t in a person’s immediate future, it’s your job to stay visible so that when a purchase decision (or referral opportunity) is at hand, your brand identity will be strong enough to rise to the top of the mental list.
  • When writing your brand identity strategy, focus on your brand’s USP and use it to create experiences for your ideal clients that will result in unique, unforgettable memories. Host an event. Affiliate your brand with an event that supports your values. Make getting involved utterly irresistible for your ideal clients – and then make it nearly impossible to forget.

These are just a few pieces of advice for building a brilliant brand identity strategy. There’s so much more to talk about; however, if I had to sum up your brand identity goal with one reference, it would be this: The most successful brand names are those that have managed to be remembered.

When a need arises, which brand will your ideal clients turn to? Is your brand identity strategy working to make your brand the one that will be remembered? If not – or even if you think your brand identity strategy could be doing more to build your brand – contact How to Build a Brand or subscribe to Brand Brain Monthly magazine today.

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