You have a brand the delivers excellence with long-term, lasting results. Your processes are first-class. You don't believe in rushing achievement, and neither do your ideal clients. Your results are of the highest quality, and your loyal customers are more-than-satisfied.

And yet, you have a problem.

You're operating in a market—and in a world—that values instant gratification. At times, even your ideal customers seem to be seduced by your competitors' promises of quick, easy, effortless, and simple.

How can you compete with that?

You know that what you're offering is superior, and that the promises you're making are legitimate.

How can you get your ideal customers to understand and appreciate what you already know?

These are some important questions, and I have important answers for you.

Selling Quality, When Quality Doesn't Seem to Matter

You've undoubtedly been faced with the temptation of entering a price war, or a delivery war, or a simplicity war.

Your competitors are promising easier and quicker results for less money.

And those people you've identified as your ideal customers are biting.

Why? Because today's consumers have become accustomed to getting what they need quickly and with little effort. After all, they are uber-busy with their lives, and don't always think they have the time to shop around, compare quality, etc. They are highly reliant on referrals from friends and family because those referrals eliminate the need to conduct all that legwork.

For those reasons alone, a service that promises quick and easy results sounds great to them.

You have one of two problems here:

  1. The people you have identified as your ideal customers are not your ideal customers at all. Instead, your ideal customers are those who value quality over convenience, price or ease. You must find these people.
  2. Your ideal customers are being misled by your competitors (and maybe even by your industry as a whole), and you have not been able to show them that because your marketing message is not clearly communicating your brand's benefits and the value you're adding.

In the case of #1, you will never successfully convert those people you have incorrectly targeted. And even if you did convert them, you wouldn't want the resulting relationships. Both parties will feel unfulfilled.

There are things you can do to remedy problem #2, and here's what I suggest:

  • Understand that Instant-Gratification Marketing is not Logical. Let's face it: most marketing campaigns appeal to the impulsive side of humans. Logic doesn't sell. Get-it-now does. So how will you sell your logical brand? Simply knowing that this question needs to be asked (and answered) is a great start. Here's your challenge: Stir the same emotions your target audience experiences when they make an impulsive, exciting or sentimental decision. Work to give them that emotional high…and keep them on it…whilst you take the time to over-deliver on your promises.
  • Be There When the Others Disappoint. quality-brandYou know that some of your competitors are not delivering a quality product that will leave their customers satisfied. Some of your ideal customers will try these brands and come to realise this too…and your brand can be there to help them pick up the pieces. There will always be people who need to experience bad things for themselves before they admit that you had it right all along. Let them do that, and create a programme that will be there with the words they need to hear when they're ready to get it done the right way.
  • Always Focus on Benefits. I see too many long-term services talking about timelines right out of the starting gate. Here's the thing I need you to understand: If the finish line is not your main selling point, then stop presenting it as one. If your programme or service takes one year to complete, and the competition's takes six months, then I would suggest focussing only on the superior benefits you will deliver and the value you will add to your customers' lives. Let the competition continue with their focus on quick delivery. Your target audience will eventually realise that's all those other brands have to offer. If your potential customers are genuinely interested in what you're delivering, they won't even be focussed on a deadline. They will be focussed on benefits.
  • Offer Rewards Along the Way. Even if your new clients are sceptical about being able to hang in there long enough to experience superior results, you can keep them interested and motivated along the way. Offer milestone celebrations, rewards for exceptional effort or whatever you know your customers value. Keep them engaged, and they will be more likely to stick with it and experience optimal results.
  • Ask for Testimonials. The thing that short-term and instant-gratification brands don't think about is a lack of recommendations, referrals and testimonials for their businesses. They will have very few satisfied customers, because people will have expected to receive more than they actually did. Your long-term, high-quality brand, however, will enjoy the exact opposite. People may join without that emotional 'high,' but will be pleasantly surprised along the way. In their testimonials, they may reference their initial reluctance, which will endear others who feel the same way and encourage them to jump onboard. Don't forget to ask for those testimonials from customers whom you know you've helped—many will not take the initiative to do so on their own.

I hope these tips have encouraged you to move forward with your high-quality, long-term, excellence-focussed brand. The temptation to 'go cheap' can be strong, particularly when you see others experiencing what looks like success.

Know that this is faux success; it cannot last.

Your business, however, will prove itself over time as a trustworthy brand with depth, expertise and enduring passion.

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