What’s the goal of your brand marketing strategy? Of course, the ultimate goal is to increase sales, but what comes before those sales? It’s brand awareness, and you can increase yours by following some simple advice from How to Build a Brand.

Brand Awareness: A Definition

What is brand awareness, anyway? In the realm of numbers, it’s the percentage of your target market that is aware of your brand. More loosely defined, it’s the degree to which your brand is recognized ‘on the street.’

The quest for brand awareness is usually its strongest at the onset of a brand’s journey – when it’s first introduced to the market and for a few years after that (if an effective brand marketing strategy is in place). After brand awareness is established, then brand development efforts can take the stage.

Steps for Promoting Brand Awareness

A brand manager like yourself can think ahead to establishing brand loyalty; however, focussing on it as your new brand is being born is well…like putting the cart before the horse. Before clients can express brand loyalty, they must first recognise and connect to your brand.

Promoting recognition and encouraging connections should be your goals when building brand awareness, and here are some pieces of advice to take with you on your journey:

  • Study your target audience and identify the touchpoints that will ‘touch’ them most frequently. This will help you to determine where your banners and billboards should be placed, and when your television and radio ads should air. This is all about netting the highest number of contact instances as possible: the more your brand is encountered by your ideal clients, the more quickly and effectively brand awareness will be accomplished.
  • Conduct research to determine what time of day your ideal clients experience the problem your brand solves. Use your findings to present your brand during that all-important time of day. Do this well, and your brand might adopt a hero status.
  • Employ the power of social media to reach consumers who meet your ideal client’s demographic.
  • Blog, blog, blog. Establish a blog page on your website, add new content at least twice per week, and share those articles on your social media channels, talk about them in forums, and include valuable outbound links in those blog posts.


  • Know the psychology of your ideal client. What words and visuals appeal to them? What will get their attention? Use your findings to build campaigns that complement your brand’s values, vision, mission, and visuals and you’ll grasp attention from all the right people.
  • Know the emotion(s) that will spur your target audience to action, and design every marketing campaign with the raising of those emotions in mind. Even in the beginning, a suggestion of emotional satisfaction (or relief) will gain attention from your ideal client.
  • Keep it simple. Very few people will stop to visually consider a brand that they’ve never experienced. Therefore, it is imperative that your messages are easily, and quickly, digested by all the senses. Only ask for consumers’ time after you’ve gotten their attention with a simple, yet intriguing, message.
  • Use those simple messages to convey your brand’s promise. This promise should be one that directly addresses the single most important need of your ideal client. This will get his or her attention…and spur the brand awareness process.
  • Engage in personal branding from the onset. This not only puts a face to your brand, it endears your brand to your ideal client and kick-starts brand awareness.
  • Employ SEO tactics in all online endeavours. Know the keywords that your target audience are using, and then use this information to put your online content in front of all interested parties.
  • Grab attention by expertly presenting your brand’s USP (unique selling point). The worst thing that could happen to your brand is ‘loss in the pile.’ A branding expert knows how to extract your USP and to get your brand noticed.

Building brand awareness (the right way) will not result in overnight success. It will, however, result in long-lasting brand achievement. Put your brand in front of as many ideal clients as possible, as often as possible, and in a manner that will ‘speak’ to your target audience in a memorable way.

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