Building a brand that has potential is just as important a building a brand using your own potential. Building a brand with potential: This statement has dual meanings, and each one is crucial to brand building.

#1: Building a Brand with Potential

When you design your brand, How to Build a Brand always suggest doing it with the help of a branding expert – someone who knows how to create a brand identity that has the flexibility to evolve.

This equates to a brand with potential – with the potential to grow, to change, and to stay relevant, no matter what the market or current trends might bring. This doesn’t mean that a brand should compromise its core values or its mission; it simply means that it should be willing to enact change if necessary.

#2: Building a Brand with Potential

Not every start-up is run by someone with years of experience – and it doesn’t have to be. Critical thinking, an open mind, curiosity, and a willingness to work hard are just as important – if not more important – than experience.

Richard Branson is a believer in this principle. He warns not to become hung up on the necessity of experience, but instead to learn to think like a consumer and then concentrate on what can be changed about the current state of any given industry.

When you give customers exactly what they want, industry knowledge might take a back seat. Find the people with the knowledge, and you can make it happen.

This notion is a popular one at How to Build a Brand, too. Sammy and I fail to see the wisdom in the ‘experience first’ theory. How, we ask, is anyone to gain the experience without getting in there and plunging their business hands into the clay whilst it’s still wet? Essentially, all that’s necessary is a desire to do something better than the way it’s already being done. If you want that badly enough, you will find a way.



People – particularly critics – often focus on what someone is already doing well. What about areas that are still in development? What about those things that will someday be even stronger than today’s areas of expertise? This is why seeing the potential of an idea – and of a person – is instrumental in predicting, and sharing in, success.

This same view is crucial when you look at yourself and at your brand. Of course, you might have an idea about what you can accomplish because of past things you’ve done, but in truth, the majority of your potential is untapped. The way to get to it is to step out of your comfort zone and do things you’ve never done. Only then will you know what you and your brand are capable of.

Building a brand that has potential is critical. Just as critical is the willingness to build a brand on the promise of your own potential. It’s a multifaceted idea with two distinct plans of action.  Of course, we’re here to help with both.

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