What shapes will shape your brand design? It may come as a surprise how very much the shapes contained within your logo affect impressions of your brand. Today, let’s consider how the use of the circle can affect your brand identity.

Your brand logo is one very visible, and crucial, component of your brand identity – and the components of that logo are, likewise, crucial to the message you’re intending to send.

Skilled brand design experts understand the impact of the circle, as well as its concealed messages. That’s not surprising. What might surprise you is that consumers understand the circle’s connotations, too…whether they know it or not.

This is great news for anyone embarking upon a brand design journey. It means that there is one more, highly effective tool that can be used to convey your brand’s message.

Do Circles Belong in Your Brand Design?

The circle makes a unique contribution. A universal symbol, it denotes unity, harmony, wholeness, complete and continuous power, comprehensiveness, warmth, sensuality, integrity, love, eternal security, communal perfection, energy, infinity, comfort, protective all-inclusiveness, and even femininity.


The circle is probably one of the least commonly used shapes in logo design; therefore it does attract attention just for being different.

Some market leaders who have employed the circle in their brand identity include Oxfam, Firefox, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Radio Shack, Alcatel-Lucent, Yamaha, Dell, Accelrys, Bacardi, Jagermeister, GE, Xerox, Starbucks, BP, Texaco, WordPress, Burger King, Mercedes, BMW, Saab, VW, Lotus, Nissan, Fiat, AT&T, CBS, Danone, Pepsi, Bayer, Tide, Spar, Tupperware, Der Grune Punkt, Vattenfall, Schindler, Timberland, and London Underground.

Do you think these market leaders exhibit circular qualities? Integrity, energy, infinity, comfort, etc.? Circles have been chosen as part of these companies’ logo designs because they help to convey intended branding messages. Not only do the circles tell consumers about the values held by each brand, they tell consumers what they can expect to experience in their dealings with those brands. This helps to establish trust, as well as emotional connectivity – both of which are essential to building a brand.

Establishing brand identity through logo and brand design involves more than painting a pretty picture. It takes careful consideration and proper execution. Brand design experts like those at How to Build a Brand have been formally trained in the use of shapes like the circle, as well as in the impact of colour, lines, and other elements of brand design. They also use their industry experience to recreate the strategies that are most effective in the most important industry – Yours.

Please don’t be seduced by brand design that is merely pleasing to the eye. Instead, seek out brand design that is overflowing with significance for your intended audience and a visual branding strategy that will prove to be beneficial to the building of your brand.

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