Your branding strategy needs to be communicated through two different channels. Firstly, everyone associated with your company should understand the words, tone, and actions with which your brand should be represented – it’s up to you to clearly communicate this to every employee, associate, and contractor.

Secondly, those people need to set out to communicate that same branding strategy to the world. Your people are your brand communication “middle men and women,” but more than that, they are your direct connections to consumers. Even when you can’t be there, your branding strategy (and those who wholeheartedly believe in it and pass it around) will be.

Effective Branding Strategy Communications, to Build your Brand

“No matter the size of your organisation, your brand strategy needs to be unique and clearly defined,” says How to Build a Brand’s own Sammy Blindell. Every process, from advertising, to appearance, to sales, to customer service, to lingo, to written content, to follow-up should be created for your company alone. Each may be modelled after an effective business process, but should ultimately be unique to your company – rich with your personal and business flavour.

Speaking in a language that’s easily understood by your target audience, creating a branding strategy that works, clearly communicating it…translates to business profit. It can be called putting everyone “on the same page,” and it’s going to involve training every new person who comes on board, as well as re-educating any who have been with you for a length of time. When hiring new employees and contracting with new entities, keep your branding strategy in the foreground of all interviews and proposals. Ask yourself, “Does this person embody the essence of my branding strategy?” “Can I foresee him making solid, lasting connections with my target audience?” “Does she comprehend the importance and relevance of my branding strategy message?” “Can he further develop my branding strategy ideals, in ways that will shepherd my organisation into the future?”


For every person you hire who not only understands, but can be passionate about your branding strategy, you establish one more link that can spread and create an innumerable quantity of profitable connections with clients and those who will engage in word-of-mouth (and word-of-social-media) promotion.

  • Put words in your employees’, associates’, and contractors’ mouths—words that unmistakably belong to your brand.
  • Make your passion for your brand contagious—so that your people will be compelled to share your message with the world.
  • Allow each of those people to create a cocktail that seamlessly blends their distinctive personalities, interests, and gifts with your brand strategy—and you’ll soon find that you have a wide array of somebodies with very important things to say…all of which will build your brand.

When you communicate your branding strategy to those who work for you, that message will make its way to consumers with accuracy, influence, and what will eventually seem like effortlessness.

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