You have created a new brand. Now you’re wondering how to build a brand. You have so much to say. You want to tell the world about the wonderful things your brand has to offer. You will convert them by using words to impart your passion for your brand to them…

Wait just one minute.

Communication – written, spoken, visual – is not the end goal of branding. It is, however, a component that contributes to the building of a brand. Stick around to learn the difference and to find out how you can leverage the power of communication to reach a viable end goal – a strong, relevant, enduring brand.

How to Build a Brand without Communication as an Endpoint

Brand strategy companies aren’t hired to communicate with customers (regardless of how many times the word communication appears in exchanges). They are hired to encourage the type of behaviour that will build a brand and increase profits. Yes, communication is part of the recipe, but to rely solely on it can be detrimental to any brand.

Instead of telling your target audience why your brand is great, or why they simply must experience what your brand has to offer, the branding experts at How to Build a Brand recommend that you show them instead.

Most of us know that experiences are far more powerful than words (actions speaks louder than words), and therefore, allowing consumers to experience what your brand has to offer is far more effective than any type of marketing communication. Consumers will spend their time doing one of two things: interacting with your brand or digesting your message. Would you like to take a guess at which one moves them more quickly through the sales funnel? Or which one is a more satisfying experience for them? And which one is more profitable for your brand?

We are not suggesting that marketing is dead. We are, however, suggesting that you would be wise to talk to a branding expert about how to build a brand with fewer (and more efficient) marketing processes. Here are just a few examples of how you can cut communications and build experiences for your ideal clients:

  • Avoid spray-and-pray or shotgun-type marketing communications. This means finding your target audience and narrowing it before sending out messages. Work toward getting the most bang from every touchpoint, and wasting as few words on as few people as possible.
  • Take your target audience’s preferences into consideration. Avoid any communication that does not drive ideal clients directly toward your brand. There should always be an opportunity to sign up or buy, in a format that appeals to your ideal client.
  • Infuse every targeted communication with an opportunity to take action. This gives your ideal clients the incentive to slide through the rest of the funnel, in favour of a first-hand experience.
  • When communication is put forth, ensure that useful information, current news, recommendations…are included. In other words, it should feel valuable to your ideal client and move him or her toward purchase.

As you move forward with learning how to build a brand, keep this principle in mind: Craft brand communications that lead directly to actual brand experiences, rather than non-existent or virtual ones.


You will learn that it is difficult to elicit change with communication alone. To the contrary, if you cater to your audience’s beliefs, preferences, needs, and impulses, and show them how well you know them with experiences and activities, conversion will happen more quickly and with greater frequency.

View communication as a link between your ideal clients and your brand experience. Use it to lead them to all that your brand has to offer, but never let it be the end result.

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