You’re building your corporate identity and you’ve heard it a thousand times: Content is King. Well, content’s reign continues. It’s still an integral part of making your corporate identity something for the world to see.



The Qualities of Corporate-Identity-Building Content

Everyone’s talking about quality content, but we think that’s pretty vague. Let’s go over what, exactly, makes online content worthy of the corporate identity crown.

  • Slow and steady wins the race. A barrage of content all in one shot is not going to impress your readers or the search engines. Make a commitment to writing and sharing relevant, useful content on a regular basis and far into the future.
  • Readers welcome guest posts. Whether you’re writing for another blog or you’re inviting interesting personalities to write for yours, fresh faces (in the form of fresh words and ideas) are welcomed additions to any website.
  • Write for humans. Keyword-stuffing and the misrepresentation of content are just two examples of manoeuvres that are meant primarily to attract search engines. This strategy never works. Search engines will ban the content and readers will feel betrayed – never to return again. Don’t attempt to cram all the most important keywords (as determine by industry research) into your main website pages. Instead, devote at least one blog article to each keyword and make sure there’s an obvious link back to your money pages. Use keywords in natural-sounding ways – so that they’re virtually undetectable to readers.
  • Write about what readers want to know. You know your audience. You know their problems – their hurdles – and you understand what they want. Now use that information to write to your audience. Tell them about what they want to know, rather than about what you want them to know.
  • Be generous with insider information. Why are you hoarding valuable information that could change the lives or your readers? You could be using the disclosure of that information to attract clients-for-life.
  • Make it difficult to contain excitement about your content. Make it so good that others will want to share it across their own networks (the online equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising).
  • Capture attention with your content. High bounce rates count against a website’s ranking, so make it your goal to keep people interested and reading for as long as possible. Create a good hook. Build suspense. Lead them to other places with the promise of more intrigue. But most importantly – always deliver.
  • Listen to your audience. Where do you interact with people? Whether it’s in-person or through social media, listen carefully to concerns and questions. Use that information to create content. If you hear the question once, you can bet there’s a whole host of people with the same type of enquiry.

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