Whilst brand building and positioning, it’s important to put your brand (and the content you’ve written for it) in front of all the right people. One good way to accomplish this is by joining forum conversations in order to promote the content you’ve written.

How to Build a Brand highly recommends promoting engagement between your brand and your target audience, and that brilliant article you’ve just written will give you something to talk about. It’s an avenue through which to establish yourself as an expert and something to offer to your ideal clients…when you “meet” them in online forums, which will result in more traffic to your website.

Brand Building and Positioning with Forums

Some forums stand alone, whilst others are attached to websites. In most every sector of business, forums and discussion boards continue to be one of the most used channels through which conversations about brands erupt and continue to smoulder (and even flare in alignment with current events and lively discussions).

  • Before you use your website content topic to join discussions, check the rules and regulations of the forums you’re about the join. Do they restrict sales language? Are links permitted? How must you identify yourself and the organisation with which you’re affiliated? In many forum environments, marketing language will be classified as spam and you’ll run the risk of being banned. Again, follow regulations and enter slowly. Watch how others speak to get a feel for tolerance levels and preferences. If your language is criticised or you’re called out for marketing-ease, simply thank the administrator for alerting you and change your behaviour immediately.
  • If a discussion that correlates with your website content is already in effect, join that one rather than starting a new one. Ease into the conversation in a way that establishes you as an authority and a true professional, all whilst keeping in mind the words that will contribute to brand building and positioning.


  • If and when you initiate a discussion, talk about the industry, current events, or other broad subject. Don’t mention your brand in your opener; in fact, I suggest that you allow for others to broach your brand or that you wait for an opportunity to solve someone’s problem with your brand. In short, instead of being “salesy,” wait for a prompt. A signature line at the end your comments introduces your brand in a non-invasive way and goes a long way in brand building and positioning, and I think that’s a brilliant way to show your affiliation and to prompt others to comment.
  • Join a group on a site like LinkedIn and you’ll find discussions that pertain to your niche.
  • Remember that every forum, discussion, and community is unique. Spend time reading to determine what type of language encourages the most responses – and even more time feeling people’s pain and deciding how your brand can help. This isn’t the place for hard sells or calls to actions. Instead, it’s a place for subtle brand building and positioning, to make connections and reveal the personality (and the language) upon which your brand is built.

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