Content is all the rage. In fact, it’s been called King.

Let’s get something straight, though: Not just any content will do.

The content you provide and market must be tailored to your audience; it must speak directly and emotively to your ideal customers; it must move them to take action.

If you think simply following trend reports and rewriting “hot” articles in order to create content that fits into your industry guidelines or attracts the attention of search engines is enough, you’re missing out.

You’ve been missing out on the opportunity to hit a nerve that marries your ideal customer to your brand and compels them to share the good news with others like them. You’re missing out on the engagement that comes when consumers find the one brand that understands them, their problems, their pains and their preferences.

Are you accomplishing this with your content?

Or have you fallen into the habit of creating content that is too general, too mainstream…too “perfect” for every reader?

Your content may not be king. Sadly, it may be more of a jester.

But guess what? In a matter of 30 days, you can crown that content, because your audience will have placed it on a throne of its own.

Let’s make today day #1 in that 30-day journey.

Building a Brand with the Right Content

Follow these guidelines, in order and without skipping any steps, and in 30 days, you will have established the foundation of a kickass content marketing strategy. You will be well on your way to building a brand with content—the right content.

  • Day 1: Answer the question, How does my ideal customer prefer to get his content? This could be video (live or pre-recorded), audio, written content, email, direct mail, texts, webinars, transcripts, etc. Commit the time today to “stalking” your ideal customers to learn about how they get their news, how they prefer to be entertained, how they stay connected…and then create a content strategy (types of content, timing of content) that caters to those preferences.
  • Day 2: Identify how many customer stages are involved in your brand and divide up your content strategy to give each one what they’ll need, specifically. Some clients are just starting out, whilst others want to bridge the next horizon. Don’t force every customer to engage with every piece of content. Instead, segment them into sub-lists and provide each with what they need from you at the moment.
  • Day 3: Use the sub-lists you created yesterday to determine just what you need each type of customer to do in order to work toward the next stage. Do they need introductory education? Do they need to complete steps that will further their learning or accomplishment? Do they need to make a purchase to stay active within your brand community? Do they need to more actively engage with your brand’s communications? Is it time to refer a friend or take a risk?
  • Day 4: The first three days’ exercises should have provided you with a clear picture of what every type (stage) of customer wants from you right now. Today is the day you will list those things:  the things you’ll write about—the intellectual property you will share with your customers, to build trust and establish expertise.
  • Day 5 through Day 29: These 25 days may all bear the same instructions; however, know that the commitment you show in creating content every day will be in direct proportion to the results you net from this month. Publish a blog post every other day. Know which sub-list you’re targeting with each post and then share that post (social media, etc.) in the places where members of that sub-list are congregating. On non-blog days, create a video, a podcast, a webinar, an email…something that is tailored for, and delivered to, customers at the stage where it will best serve them. Depending on how many sub-lists you have, you may need to create more than one piece of content every day. All-in-all, I would suggest that each person be exposed to at least three pieces of content per week…no less.
  • Day 30: This is the day when you test and measure. Take a hard look at each type of content published, view the analytics, and determine what types of content, what subject matter and what sharing methods have netted the most engagement. Also take note of which sub-lists are most responsive (to which type of content, to which sharing method, on what days, and at what time(s) of day). Use what you learn to create your content strategy for your next 30 days.

building-a-brandAre you ready? Are you ready to experience the boost in brand awareness, recognition and engagement that 30 days can bring? Then right now is the time to start building a brand with content. Get into your ideal customer’s head and let’s go! There’s a throne awaiting your content…and your brand.

Content is one piece of the synergistic energy that makes up brilliant branding and marketing strategies. If you’d like to learn more about building a brand, to make it more credible, visible and profitable, then sign up to attend a B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp. Learn more and register here.


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