You’ve written an insightful, informative article with your clients in mind. Now, how can you use the mobile phone numbers you’ve accumulated to build a brand? You can organise a text alert campaign, in an effort to increase that article’s traffic, to encourage shares and conversions, and of course, to build a brand.

Build a Brand with Content and Text Alerts

In a matter of 7 seconds from Send, the people on your contact list can be notified of what’s new and exciting with your brand. All you’ll need is a short text message giving them a compelling reason to visit your website and read your newly published article. In the UK alone, SMS (short message service) far exceeds face-to-face and phone communications; however, this method is underused for brand building – and for that reason, I strongly suggest that you read on…if you want to build a brand, that is.

As you build a brand (or consider building a brand) by sharing content via text message alerts, keep the following statistics – and complementary branding wisdom – in mind:

  • Frost & Sullivan tell us that 98% of text alerts are opened and read. That number is even more impressive when you consider that only 12% of Facebook status updates, 22% of emails, and 29% of Tweets are read. Imagine how effectively you could build a brand, knowing that nearly every person you contact will read your message.
  • The average person receives 1216 emails every month. That same person receives about 178 text alerts per month (Tatango). What does that mean as you build a brand? It means that a text message is less likely to be lost in the shuffle, or to have its thunder stolen by inbox space competitors.
  • Nokia tells us that the typical mobile phone user looks at his or her phone 150 times per day. This explains why text alerts are generally read within 5 seconds of receipt (according to Frost & Sullivan).
  • Opt-outs are the great fear of email campaign coordinators. The good news with SMS campaigns is that, according to Slick Text, text alert campaigns are opted out of at a rate of less than 5%.
  • Concerned about click-through rates? You should be. Now answer this: How effectively could you build a brand with a 19% click-through rate? Well, it’s time to come up with a plan to handle that level of CTR, because SMS campaigns net an average of 19% CTRs (Textboard and Mailchimp). That’s in stark contrast to CTRs of email campaigns – which average around 4.2%.
  • Finally, there’s been direct input from consumers on this subject. Hipcricket polled mobile phone users and 80% of them revealed that they are not being contacted via SMS by their favourite brands.

Are you someone’s favourite brand? Or would you like to be? As you build a brand by attaining exposure for your articles and other content, it’s difficult to deny the power of SMS. It is especially valuable now, whilst many brands have not yet jumped on the SMS bandwagon, leaving plenty of room for your brand to shine.


A text alert campaign for sharing your content is only one facet of a comprehensive branding strategy. How to Build a Brand would never recommend that you utilise only one facet of what is meant to be a multifaceted approach; however, we cannot deny the power of SMS, and neither should you.

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