One of online video’s biggest roles is business promotion; and one of the richest mines for video themes and text is your online written content. How might a branding agency recommend that you convert your content to captivating video? Read on to find out.

When you think of internet video, your mind might turn to entertainment – bloopers, piano recitals, adorable pets, hilarious children, remarkable wilderness experiences…and that’s how YouTube looked in its early years. But the tide has shifted. Now, YouTube, the second-most-popular search engine after Google, is used to host promotional videos that fulfil brands’ needs for multimedia online marketing. This multimedia-tasking has proven itself to be a branding agency dream.

Branding Agency Advice for Multitasking with Multimedia

You have written relevant, valuable web content.

You’re searching for great ideas for how-to or promotional video.

Your two needs are THE formula: Turn your website content into video and you’ll satisfy your audience’s multimedia needs whilst investing little or no effort in finding subject matter for your videos.


Here are the steps a professional branding agency takes when turning online content into online video:

  • Shoot video with the purpose of demonstrating your products or services, to use as a digital brochure, to attract search engines, to deliver a seminar, or to use as a press release. A branding agency will also recommend recording client testimonials, which might have gotten their starts as written, online content.
  • Create a YouTube account and upload your promotional videos. Google owns YouTube, and therefore favours YouTube videos in Google search results. You won’t enjoy this benefit by uploading your videos anywhere else. Additionally, you’ll save space on your server – which will save you money.
  • Once your videos are uploaded to your YouTube channel, stream those videos to your website or blog. This will practically double each video’s coverage. Do this by clicking on the share button, then the embed button. Make your display choices and use the unique embed code you’re given to present the video on one of your webpages.

Search-optimised video has a 50-times better chance of showing up on Google’s first page than properly optimised written content. Therefore, when you include video in your online marketing campaign, you’re compounding your chances of being found. Add to this the fact that the same relevant, high-value information is found in both written and video form, and brand awareness is sure to increase.

Now that your videos are in place, you’ll need some solid branding agency advice about how to build your brand by promoting those videos:

  • Keyword Research:  Be sure to include keywords in your video’s description and tags. In addition to your regular Google keyword research, you should also use YouTube’s autocomplete function to see what people are searching for in video.
  • Keep it quick:  Google will give precedence to fast-loading video over slow-loading.
  • Create a Sitemap:  Use Google’s webmaster tools to create a sitemap for your video, which will alert Google that you have a website video to be indexed.
  • Insert Widgets:  Make it simple for viewers to share your video with others by including Share buttons for social media.
  • Include a Transcript:  When Google sees keywords in video descriptions, it uses them to index the page on which your video is displayed. Just be sure not to duplicate the original website content or to artificially inject keywords.

You have quality, keyword-rich content uploaded and ready to attract Google and readers to your website. Now, you can optimise your efforts by using that language to create a video script. Remember that you’re not alone in learning to multimedia-task. How to Build a Brand have loads of expert branding agency advice, ready to share on our website, social media, and in Brand Brain Magazine.

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