Colour is a powerful tool in personal branding. Ladies (and some gentlemen, too) know that there’s a palette of colours that suits her and highlight your best natural features. A beauty consultant can determine what those colours are, or you can determine what looks best on you with some simple experimentation. The wearing of your best colour makes impressions that contribute, significantly, to personal branding.

Colour is also a powerful tool in corporate branding. Colours make statements to the subconscious mind. They send messages that are supported by biology as well as culture…and when they’re chosen with care and after in-depth research, your brand will benefit.

Personal Branding Gets Colourful

When choosing colours for your brand, I always recommend starting with a list of personal branding values that you plan to bring to your business – as well as the values you hope to find in future clients. Some examples are integrity, energy, honesty, hard work, transparency, friendliness, and fun. Once you decide on those core values, research what colours represent those values. Incorporate those colours into your corporate brand and you will wordlessly communicate those values to potential clients.

This process brings your personal branding into your corporate world (because you’ve used your personal values to build your business), but there’s more. Let’s say, for instance, that your business is all about educating communities on how to start neighbourhood gardens and crop-sharing cooperatives. You might choose blue and green as the colours for your corporate brand. Both depict nature; blue portrays intelligence, calm, and security; green stands for renewal, nutrition, and growth.

Using that corporate branding colour model, I suggest that you start wearing those colours – not just on your letterhead and business cards, but on your person. I’m not suggesting that you use all of your business start-up money to buy a closet full of blue and green business suits. I’m simply suggesting that you accessorise with scarves, jewellery, eyeglasses, socks, ties, cosmetics, and more. Everyone you meet will be struck by you. Even if they don’t remember your name or your company’s name, they’ll remember your colour-specific statement.


To further incorporate personal branding with colour, I suggest that you infuse a bit of your favourite colour – you know, the colour that looks best on you…the colour you wear when you go out on the town or to a venue where you want to look your best. Whether it’s purple, teal, or pink, add a splash of it to your green and blue. No colour is off-limits – remember this is about making a one-of-a-kind statement. Look for customisable options. Consider having a seamstress fashion neckerchiefs from textiles that includes your corporate and personal branding colours, or seek out a custom jewellery designer. For very little cash, you can make a lasting impression that is heavily rooted in personal branding.


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