‘How is our website doing?’ A corporate brand market leader asks this question – not once, but again and again – and gets answers. Why? Because without those answers, a corporate brand is helpless in its own growth.

You have worked hard to build your corporate brand. You have analysed your mission, named your values, employed a brand designer, identified those people who can best help to build your corporate brand, established goals…but are you paying attention to the key indicators that tell you if your goals are being reached? Is your mission helping to create the brand you want to see in the world? How will you know?

Without the tracking and analysis of your website’s key performance indicators, you may never know. And more importantly, you’ll move into the future without a clear plan of what activities you should enhance, which ones you should do away with, and which ones you should create and innovate…to build your corporate brand.

Why You Need KPIs to Build your Corporate Brand

How IS your site doing? If you’re honest enough to respond, ‘I don’t know,’ it’s time for a lesson in KPIs (key performance indicators, a.k.a. KSI or key success indicators). But before we get into the meat of it, let’s tackle a different question: ‘Why does your website exist?’ You see, unless you know what you’re trying to accomplish, you can’t possibly know if you’re accomplishing it. Common sense? Pretty much. Common question? No, and that’s why someone who asks it (and works to answer it) has a better chance of becoming a corporate brand who is a market leader.


Let’s say that on the surface, the purpose of your website is to sell homemade jam – jam that’s crafted in small batches using your great grandmother’s lock-and-key recipe. That’s easy. But let’s dig deeper. What are you really trying to accomplish? Are you going for sheer volume at a bargain price (hoping to get it into every household in the eastern hemisphere)? Or are you hoping to satisfy discerning tastes at a higher price point? Are you aiming to make a few keys sales that will result in a largely referral-based business? Do you want to reduce your operating cost (because the website is cheaper to run than that roadside stand)? Or is the jam just a means to another end – a vehicle for opening consumers’ minds to your jelly, preserve, and butter mother lode?

When you know where your corporate brand has been and where you want it to go, you can use KPIs to determine if you’re headed in the right direction. That’s the answer to ‘Why?’ Stay tuned for my next How to Build a Brand blog post, when I’ll answer the question of ‘How?’

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