Corporate branding is an interactive, ever-evolving art. The brand that puts forth the most innovative ideas and most effectively solves problems with that innovation is very likely to become a market leader.

Often, the challenge lies in the innovation itself. What would capture the hearts and minds of consumers in a way that no other corporate branding effort has? How can you stand out from the crowd while still remaining practical? How can you give clients something unlike anything else while grasping a generous portion of the market share?

These questions are on the minds of branding experts and business owners who want to move forward with growth in brand recognition. Often, the corporate branding strategies that net the most success are those that play on the habitual aspects of human nature – those that allow the things people are already doing to dictate the ways in which the company will meet needs.

Pairings, to Boost Corporate Branding Efforts

It has been observed that people frequently consume products and services in pairs. Fish and chips, bangers and mash, dinner and a show, camping and fishing, and coffee with the morning news are all examples of customary pairings for the UK consumer. A smart consumer branding expert knows that in order to build market share for one of these products, it can help to offer it with its mate. What’s fish without chips? Or camping without recreation? Or java without something to read? If you can find a way to tap into the customs of human use and consumption, your corporate branding efforts will thrive.


We’ve seen coupons that offer money off potatoes with the purchase of fish, or a package deal on a meal and a movie, and even special deals on fishing expeditions with a stay at a particular campsite; however, not every deal has to involve a dual purchase. One company, Gulf News, has found a way to pair two consumer favourites in a single purchase. The UAE news conglomerate has endeavoured to print its latest, up-to-the-minute Tweets on coffee-cup sleeves for the international coffee company, Tim Horton. Every time java lovers purchase a cup of joe, they’re rewarded with freshly printed news right there on the cup – no extra purchase required.

Gulf News’s ingenious marketing technique has cemented its corporate branding image as the source for the latest news. During the first two weeks of the campaign, its Twitter account amassed 2,900 new followers, subscriptions went up 2.8 per cent, and web traffic was increased by 41 per cent. Why? Because Gulf News understands corporate branding – and more specifically, what people want with their coffee.

Whilst devising your corporate branding strategy, it is imperative that you find out how people generally choose to use products or services like yours. When? How? With whom and with what? Why do they need it? Are they going out of their ways to pair products like yours with others…and can you make that pairing more convenient or less costly for them? If your product or service is unlike anything out there, you’ll need to ask some probing questions of consumers. If you could have this, how, when, with whom, and with what would you use it? What would make it complete…perfect?

Corporate branding involves studying successful branding models and being innovative enough to be the fresh idea that people are waiting for – even if they’ve never imagined it.

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