Few websites, alive today, are thriving without a blog. Amid all the online marketing tactics and corporate branding advice swirling around, How to Build a Brand would like to take the time to focus today on the blog—one of the online marketer’s foremost tools for reaching, and connecting with, their target audience.


Blogging, an Invaluable Corporate Branding Tool

Wondering if blogging is right for you, or even a little worried about how to get started? Here’s some sound advice from our very own corporate branding and online marketing experts:

  • A blog gives your business personality. In it, you’re given the opportunity to use the specific language that you decided upon when devising your corporate branding strategy. Every time a reader peruses your blog, your brand identity will be reinforced. Businesses are no longer faceless entities in which people hide behind a logo. Today, thanks to social media and other channels like blogs, there are people with distinctive characteristics behind every organisation, and their unique personalities contribute to the appeal of the brand. A blog provides a venue for exhibiting the human characters behind your brand.
  • A blog also gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and niche. Don’t be tight-fisted with wisdom – instead, offer plenty of free, quality advice so that those who follow your blog (or just pop in) get the sense that there’s plenty more wisdom where that came from. This will establish trust. When people feel that they can trust you, they will feel confident making an investment in you.
  • In an online marketing and corporate branding sense, a blog is a smart move—particularly if that blog is integrated into your website design. Search engine crawlers swoon over fresh content, and when a blog is updated regularly (at least four times per month), your business will experience better search engine results. If you host a blog apart from your website’s URL, you have the opportunity to engage in some serious link-building. Search engines are quite fond of links when indexing, so in-bound and out-bound links that connect your website to your blog will serve to boost your online marketing presence.
  • By using proper SEO tactics and online marketing for promoting your blog, you will attract new readers. If your content is packed full of useful information and news that will benefit those in your niche, you will gain return visitors—and even subscribers. This equates to one enormous step in establishing yourself as a leader in your industry.
  • When you use a blog for online marketing, you also get the unique opportunity to hear what consumers and clients are saying about the industry and about your organisation, specifically. By enabling comments, you have the chance to respond to consumer frustrations, to listen to wishes about what could or should be, and to change perceptions that otherwise might go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Corporate branding through online marketing is something that can no longer be ignored—that is, if you want to experience lucrative success online and off. A blog can be an integral part of your online marketing campaign, and one that should never be overlooked.

Corporate branding is a multi-faceted subject, and one that’s full of invaluable advice for the start-up or the veteran business. If you’re ready for more—visibility, sustainability, and profitability, that is—then don’t waste another moment. Visit to register for our next B.R.A.N.D. Kickstarter Masterclass, where you’ll spend one full day learning about how corporate branding and online marketing can make your brand shine!

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