What is a corporate identity business card? Is it simply a scrap of paper containing your contact information? Business cards that are only perfunctory will suffer a dust bin fate. Those that encompass your corporate identity by engaging all of the senses will live to make connections…even long after you’ve handed them over.

A Corporate Identity Looks Good, but it also…

You know how much thought and work you’ve put into creating your brand's identity. You know how it looks, how it sounds, and how it feels, tastes, and smells. So why would anyone pass up the opportunity to put all of that – a total sensory experience – into someone’s hand?

You can do that with a business card. How to Build a Brand has been highlighting some truly original business card designs on our Facebook page, and all are fully reproducible. However, we urge you to ponder what is unique about your own branded identity – to think about the five senses and how you can engage each one.

Here are some thought sparks to light your business card sensory fire:

  • Sight:  What should people see when they look at your business's identity? What colours are used in the logo? What fonts best serve your brand? And even more creatively, what unique designs could be used to communicate your one-of-a-kind brand? We’ve seen taped-together-rift business cards for a divorce counsellor, as well as perforated movie ticket business cards. Colours should be saturated, true to your corporate brand, and everything visual about the business card should be unique to your brand identity.
  • Sound:  I know, business cards don’t make noise. Or do they? How should yours sound if a person decides to scrape it against the back of his hand, or tap it on the desk, or blow onto the edge of it? Will it sound like notebook paper? Or will it sound sturdy and well-made?
  • Feel:  Don’t dismiss the chance to give your prospects a tactile experience through your business card. Plain card stock isn’t your only option. Would corrugated cardboard, velvet, gel, fur, sponge, or raffia serve your brand? We’ve seen a tiny rolled-up yoga mat business card, as well as colourful Bobbi pin hairstyles on a business card – now that’s a tactile experience that is useful, too!


  • Taste:  Really? Don’t laugh too hard. I’ve witnessed people chewing on business cards, sucking on the corners, tapping them against their lips…and it’s not an uncommon occurrence. Certainly, investing money in manufacturing tasty business cards might not pay off, but get create with this. Who knows where “good taste” might take you.
  • Smell:  Scents are virtually unforgettable and including either a signature scent or an associative scent on your business cards will make an impression. This goes the other way, too – if your business cards smell like old take-out or cigarette smoke, they’re doomed.

The possibilities for making lasting impressions with corporate identity business cards are endless. Visit our Facebook page to see the designs mentioned above for yourself or contact How to Build a Brand by emailing [email protected] today.

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