Are your ideal customers bored? Do you find them parting from your brand after that first sale? Or even sooner?

It is imperative that you connect with your ideal customers, in an emotional and memorable way, so that a sale isn’t just a sale.

A sale should never be the final act, but rather a good-faith purchase to indicate your customer’s commitment to a long, healthy relationship with a brand they want to experience again and again.


They key word there is experience. When people interact with your brand, it shouldn’t simply be a conversation, or a dry imparting of information…instead, your brand should be something they feel; something that touches them and that they are compelled to reach out to. It should create a memory so vivid and pleasant that they will forever remember the day they experienced it.

Your job is not to simply present your brand to your target audience, but to get in there and make them experience it. This is called a Customer Experience, and you’re about to learn how to create one.

How to Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience

As you create your brand’s own unique customer experience, forget about the sale. Instead, focus on what you can create for your ideal customers that will make your brand impossible to forget. This will, by default, encourage that sale in a number of ways. A phenomenal customer experience will…

  • cause them to want to continue the relationship
  • create a feeling of reciprocity
  • make them want to have more experiences with your brand
  • give them a reason to recommend your brand
  • keep your brand top of their minds
  • set your brand apart from the competition
  • create emotional ties with your brand that will be difficult to break

When you start by serving your ideal customers with experiences, rather than simply selling to them, you will have accomplished far more than the brand that’s focussed on the one-time purchase.

And now, I’m sure you’re ready to learn about how to get started. Here are my top tips for creating customer experiences that will make your brand unforgettable:

  • Keep the CUSTOMER in Customer Experience. The experiences you design for your ideal customers should not be about what YOU think will be enticing. Instead, those experiences should be about what THEY want more than anything. Think of it in terms of a posted Facebook event. We all see new events in our feeds every day. We ignore most of them. What is the one type of event that would grab and retain the attention of your ideal customer? What’s the one type of event they would not be able to ignore or keep to themselves? Now build on that.
  • Emotionally engage your ideal customers. This could be about creating one experience for all of them…focussed on the one emotion they all wish to feel. Or, it could be about paying close attention to the individual needs of your customers and creating custom experiences for them, in-line with their immediate emotional needs and supportive of your brand’s values. No matter the customer experience you choose to create, always attempt to summon the emotion that is most important to your people—the emotion they need to focus on the pain you will relieve, the problem you will solve…or a taste of the emotion you will provide when they make the decision to let your brand help them.
  • Don’t rest until you’ve created a WOW Factor. Whether it’s a concert, a coffee shop meet-up, a webinar or a brand ritual, your customer experience must leave them thinking WOW. Otherwise, you have not made an impact and your experience wasn’t an experience at all. It was just a one-way presentation. How will you know how to create that WOW? Ask questions of your ideal customers. Find out what they like, what they need…and after every experience, ask them how you did so you can make adjustments for future experiences.
  • Know that experiences don’t have to be scheduled, promoted events. Sometimes, the most impactful customer experiences are those that happen on an impromptu basis, albeit in-line with a brand’s mission, vision and values. Any team member can create a customer experience; however, it should always be executed under the umbrella of the brand, with an intimate understanding of what the brand is trying to accomplish. A customer experience can be a grand event, in which people undergo something memorable that cements your brand in their minds. A customer experience can also be a kind word at just the right time.
  • Share news of your customer experiences. Customer experiences work to convert and retain the people who are directly involved. They also work to draw more ideal customers to your brand by causing them to want to be part of all the good things happening in your brand. Market your experiential events. Review happenings for your audience to see. Encourage your customers (with incentives, if appropriate) to share news of the experiences you’re offering.
  • Learn as you go…and grow. You will gather valuable information from every customer experience you provide. Ask for feedback. Listen intently to what your target audience is telling you, remembering that the experiences are for THEM. They are the prospects. They are the advertisers. They are the returning customers. They are the critics. Give them what they want, and continually work to enhance that WOW factor.

What will your brand’s customer experience look like? Who will it appeal to and how will it increase your brand’s magnetism and influence? Now is the time to get into your ideal customer’s head and create a vision of what they want to experience. Need some help? Have questions? It’s time to get over to the How to Build a Brand Facebook group so you can experience the networking opportunities, peer support, expert advice and live Facebook events available there. I’ll see you in the group!

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