Last week, I talked about the value of LinkedIn for corporate branding. Today, I’m going to talk about how you can create a LinkedIn profile that puts forth the essence of your brand – in true corporate branding fashion.

Corporate Branding with a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the leading social media place for professionals seeking other professionals, meaning that if your brand is a B2B endeavour and your corporate branding strategy doesn’t include a LinkedIn page, you’re missing out on some serious corporate branding exposure.


It doesn’t take long to create a LinkedIn profile, but in order to create an effective one, How to Build a Brand recommend doing the following:

  • Upload a quality image. Be sure that your brand’s level of expertise is reflected in the type of image you choose. Your face, or your team’s faces, should be friendly and approachable, whilst professional. You may also choose to use your brand’s logo as your cover image.
  • Write a headline that is indicative of what you do best, whilst optimising the page for search engines with the use of keywords.
  • Utilise the products and services portion. Take a few minutes to describe your products and/or services in this section. This is your chance to sell your brand and to tout the benefits of what you’re offering. Your most important product should be listed first, because this product will be featured in a homepage sidebar. Always include images of products, where applicable. And last, but certainly not least, ask your clients who are also LinkedIn members to write reviews or testimonials on your Products and Services page.
  • Ask your brand’s employees to link to your brand’s page. When they do so, they will appear as employees on your LinkedIn Company Page. This means that their connections will then be exposed to your company page.
  • Include periodic updates about what your brand is doing. This will help to establish you as an expert, make your brand relevant, and keep people interested and coming back to your LinkedIn profile often.
  • Add the “Follow Company” button to your page. This will make it simple for interested parties to get updates and stay in-tune with your brand.
  • When you add items that are time-sensitive, of particular interest, or especially exciting, consider using the Feature option to highlight that update and make it prominent on your company page.
  • Complete the About Us portion of your LinkedIn profile using branded language and points of interest that you know are relevant to those people you are trying to attract. Make your text compelling. Include links to your website or other valuable places. Use keywords.

Your LinkedIn company profile is a living, breathing entity – and a key factor in today’s best corporate branding strategies. It will change and grow as you amass followers, and it should also change and grow as you make regular updates to its content. As you write that content, remember to speak directly to your ideal clients – they will feel the care and attention you’ve devoted and will reward you with time and clicks.

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