Texture in web design adds depth, personality, and distinctiveness to your website…and is complementary to your brand design. There are plenty of places to acquire texture; however, when mining texture from public places, you run the risk of your website being associated with another that has chosen the same texturisation. A good way to alleviate that possibility is to complement your web design with a texture that no one else in the entire world has used.

Our Brand Design Expert Dishes on Creating Web Design Texture

Your brand is like no other. Your brand design is unique, too. Therefore, your web design texture should ‘follow’ suit. Here are some great ideas for creating your own, exclusive web design texture:

1. Snap your own photos. Texture is everywhere. A stroll around any garden – a public one or the one outside your back door – will reveal that much. Tree bark, mulch, stone walls, evergreen fronds, clusters of pebbles, marching ants, sand, moss, concrete, flower bunches, stone pathways, bricks, rusted metal, leaves, grass, reflective pools, and muddy puddles are just a few of the things you’ll find there.

Our scaled and furry friends are full of texture, too. Close-ups of a turtle’s shell, a striped cat’s fur, a lizard’s or a fish’s scales, a horse’s nose, a cavy’s coat, and a cow’s eyelashes all offer textures that are sure to be unique.

Indoors, a plaster wall, wood grain, carpet, drapes, floor tiles, a granite countertop, a cushion full of pins, a pewter pot, a woven basket, lace, a feathered hat, a pillow, a duvet, a candle’s wax, fruit, cheese, bread, leather, a slice of cake or its frosting, a lampshade, a bowl of cereal, soapsuds in the dishpan, a nut’s shell, a bath towel, and any number of other objects may offer the texture you’re yearning for. Even a close-up of your own skin can be fascinating.


Avoid using your camera’s flash (as texture may be lost) and try different types of lighting so you can choose the one that brings out the best texture for complementing your brand design.

2. Scan texture. With a scanner set on high resolution, you can create web design texture out of anything that will fit into the scanner. Corrugated cardboard, fibrous paper, wallpaper, greeting cards, construction paper, canvas, burlap, napkins or paper towels, dried flowers, wood panelling, bamboo mats, any type of fabric, unprocessed wool, knitted yard, fern fronds, and many other “flat” items can be used to create texture.

You don’t have to publish the item as-is. You can add your own touches with tea stains, coffee stains, paint splatters, sweeps of charcoal or pastels, crayon, airbrushing (or more cost-effective blow pens), finger painting, or any splatter, smear, or smudge from a transferrable medium.

3. Photoshop it. With Photoshop or an equivalent, you can combine two of your unique textures by layering one over the other or adding one of the photo-editing program’s stock textures to your unique one. This is a great way to ‘play’ with your images to achieve the look that’s perfect for your web design.

Textured Web Design, for Better Brand Design

By creating your own web design textures, you’ll get exactly what you want (which will save you lots of search time) and you’ll get something unlike anything else out there. You’ll save the cost of having to purchase texture(s) for use on your website. Moreover, the web design texture you use will be completely unique – not identical to any other in the entirety of cyberspace.

Whilst devising the best ways to use custom texture in your web design and to enhance your existing brand design, you may encounter difficulties or stumble on some questions that need answering. Whether you’re in need of some inventive ideas or some technical or artistic help with applying those ideas, How to Build a Brand are here to help. Simply contact us on +44 (0) 208 123 6776 and we’ll talk about brand design, web design, or whatever branding concerns you may have.

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