Does your branding strategy include a plan of action for direct mail? Or for creative gifts to present to people you meet as you network? With a few pounds and a few hours of creative energy, you can significantly increase your chances of winning your dream clients.

We’ve spoken in the past about the importance of distinctive business cards. The rules for business cards that look, sound, feel, smell, and even taste right remain the same; however, there will be times when even the best business card isn’t enough.

A Gifty Branding Strategy Builds a Memorable Brand

Because your brand is unique, it is essential that anything you distribute be distinctively you and remarkably memorable. Think about the values on which your brand has been built. Consider the things you deliver to your clients that are most appreciated. Now put on your thinking cap and mull over how those intangible qualities can be communicated with words (consult your branding strategy for brand language), colours (again, consult your branding strategy), and an item that embodies the message of your current campaign. Paperweights, pens, torches, coffee mugs, sunglasses, and free samples are just a few examples of gifts that might exemplify a brand message.



The creative promotional products portion of your branding strategy can be enacted at any time, but I would suggest that it accompany a milestone like the launch of a new product, the introduction of a sub-brand, or the embarking upon a networking tour. Of course, there will be leftover packages. These should be kept on hand for distribution during future contact with potential clients and those who can spread the word to potential clients.

Choose item(s) that will create a positive and memorable experience. Also, ensure that your brand is clearly displayed on the product. Whether it’s on social media or through literal word-of-mouth, people are forever asking other people for recommendations and referrals. When given the choice, most of us would rather go with a brand that has been recommended to us. If someone is holding onto a tactile reminder of your smiling face and your innovative brand, or if their experience with you and your generosity has touched them, they will make that referral.

Online marketing is a crucial part of any branding strategy; however, tactile expressions of your brand’s values should not be overlooked. Whenever you plan to be in a situation with the potential to make person-to-person connections, be prepared with creative gifts to distribute. Or, when you’re launching a new product or service, consider direct mail as a way to spread the word in an unexpected manner.

The most important element here is creativity. Take the time to assemble a gift campaign that will send the message that you care about your brand, and recipients will presume that you’ll take the same care with them.

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