How many times have you squashed your desire to be creative because you had to conduct 'business'?

How many times have you suppressed your creative nature because you thought it didn't fit your 'profession'?

There's a presumption among brand-building business owners that all professional assignments are fully intellectual (i.e. left-brain). They seem to think that running a business is serious stuff, with no room for imagination or creative vision.

I would like to buck that notion square in the arse.

In fact, I would like to buck it hard enough to say that creativity is among the top contributors to a brand's success.

If you just felt your creative juices bubble, read on. You're about to enter the realm of genuine, and thoroughly effective, brand building.

Creative Brand Building is the Best Brand Building

What do all brand-building superstars have in common? Is it intellect? Or work ethic? Or connections?

Well, all of those help; however, there's one thing that I have found to be indispensable in the building of the world's greatest brands. It's creativity, and here's how you can express yours (and build a better brand with it):

  • Innovation: There are some who would say that everything has already been invented; that the only thing left to do is improve upon those inventions. Even if you believe this, there's still an urgent need for creativity—which doesn't involve inventing a new wheel, but improving upon that wheel and innovating new ways to use that wheel.
  • New Problems, New Solutions: As the average human life is governed by new and different innovations, fresh problems will arise. Even when a nagging problem is solved, another problem usually materialises. This is where creative branding comes in: solving new problems with new solutions.
  • Cultural Shifts: As the ways in which we live and work change, brands have the opportunity to change, too. Discovering ways in which brands can complement and support society's preferences requires a willingness to express creativity, and those who think far, far away from the box will win.
  • Unlikely Combos: This applies to products, services, people and brands. What are people buying, doing and experiencing separately that would be better (or more convenient or effective) together? The more unlikely (but rational) the pairing, the more attention the brand will get.
  • Marketing: It seems that marketers are running out of ways to grasp the attention of their target audiences; and yet, a few superstars are standing out with imaginative campaigns that tap into thought methodologies that are not only surprising, but surprisingly real and accurate. Old sales speak doesn't work. New ways to get and keep attention (all the products of unfettered creativity) are winning.
  • brand-buildingNumbers: Instead of using data to justify intellectual decisions, why not use those numbers to tap into new ways around the majority? For instance, if one demographic is dominating a sector, you can be sure your competitors are tapping into that. What about the next largest demographic? Who is paying attention to them? How can you wave a flag that they'll follow…in a way that causes your brand to grasp a huge percentage of their mindshare?
  • Exceptionalism: By giving yourself the freedom to express creativity in brand building, you are marking your brand as unique. How do I know this? Because, by default, when you're being creative, you're being you—and no one else can do that.

If you're feeling like you don't have what it takes to engage in creative brand building, I need you to take a step back and consider a few things. First, creativity is rarely about breaking ground with new inventions. More often, it's about looking at an old concept in a new way, or tackling a problem in a manner that no one else has considered. In reality, creativity is problem-solving…and I'll bet you're quite comfortable with that.

The day you decided to start a business, you were exercising your creativity.

The day you realised you needed to build a brand in order to support and grow that business, you were creative.

Entrepreneurs who claim they're not creative are often mistaking their creativity for something else.

What are you calling your creativity? Intelligence? Resourcefulness? Ingenuity?

No matter what you call it, I encourage you to use more of it, in order to make your brand more credible, more visible and more profitable.

No matter what type of brand you're building, creativity is key. And the Entrepreneur's Brand Builders Bootcamp is the perfect way to free your mind to all that's possible with the right tools and support. Click here to view a short video about the boot camp and email [email protected] to talk about membership in the Brand Builders Club.

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