You’ve heard it before: In order for your corporate branding to be successful, you must know your ideal client and meet his or her needs. Sounds simple, right? You can do that…can’t you?

Meeting the needs of your target audience members might not be the part you’ve been struggling with. If you’re like many brand builders, one of your biggest struggles is determining exactly what those needs are. Maybe your target audience isn’t offering up much information…or, even more commonly, they’re not even sure what they need. They have a problem, but they haven’t recognised that problem. Or they are still waiting for a solution that makes sense.

Today, we’re talking about how to delve more deeply into your ideal clients’ demographic(s)—to pinpoint their specific needs so that you can meet those needs with speed, effectiveness, and a brilliance that makes your brand unforgettable.

Corporate Branding that Digs Deeper

Most of your potential clients will make their decisions about whether or not to work with your brand before even meeting you. In most cases, you will not have the opportunity to “sell” them. Your corporate branding will be responsible for that.

The key to making your corporate branding message effective is to create a sense (for your ideal client) that you are speaking directly to his or her wants and needs. Wow, they really know me should be a common intonation that your brand strives for.


How can you accomplish that? How can you create a sense of “I’m home” for potential clients? Here’s the homework that the corporate branding experts at How to Build a Brand recommend you do—along with reasons why:

  • Know the Decision-Maker: You must know who you’re speaking to; therefore, it is imperative that you poll, interview, and follow the online social media accounts of your ideal clients, to determine who is responsible for making the types of decisions that will lead to business with your brand. Assumptions will not be effective here. This isn’t about the end user; it’s about the person making the buying decisions for the end user.
  • Know their Catalyst: What is the final straw? What is the circumstance that makes their situation unbearable? Determine where and when this generally happens and be there, ready with your solution…or rather, be there BY then. It’s always a good idea to plant seeds in advance.
  • Know their Definition of Success: Within every problem that occupies the psyche of a potential client lies a vision of a solution. He or she may not know what the specific solution will be, but they do have a pretty clear picture of the results. Maybe they’re hoping for reduced costs, increased efficiency, less physical pain, more free time, or more excitement. Align your corporate branding benefits message with this vision, and your brand will begin to look like the missing link.
  • Recognise Indifference: Knowing what your ideal client DOESN’T care about is just as important as knowing what he or she does care about. Avoid hyping up features of your product or service that are not integral to solving your ideal client’s problems. This is valuable space that should be reserved for convincing prospective clients that you’re the answer to their problems—not to their non-issues.
  • Acknowledge their Barriers: If a problem still exists, that means there are barriers standing in the way of your ideal client solving that problem. There’s a reason he or she hasn’t moved forward. No matter if that barrier is cost, time, shame, geography…your corporate branding message should make it clear that you have worked to abolish this barrier for them.
  • Respect their History: It is highly likely that your ideal client has tried to solve the problem-at-hand in the past. It is also probable that he or she is not fully satisfied, or is always on the look-out, for something better. Ask questions and listen to their answers; determine what’s missing. Then, fill that gap and communicate the benefit with your corporate branding.

There’s too much competition out there to justify blending in. Your ideal client has many brands to choose from—and standing out is YOUR choice. Know your ideal client well. Know his or her WHY, acknowledge it directly with your corporate branding message, and then move quickly to name the solution that meets a need, fills a gap, and moves your brand toward gaining the market share it deserves.

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